Dandelion Seeds: The Return of Halloween Comics!

___________________________________________________________________________ A few months ago, I brainstormed about how Halloween mini-comics being offered by Diamond could be used in a variety of ways to promote comics and have some fun!   (Read that again… there are event suggestions and a timeline there, which I’ve paralleled below, but did not exactly duplicate.) During C2E2, Diamond announced that […]

Cyber Force Kickstarter Closes With $117K

By Todd Allen Kickstarter is a topic that tends to get people worked up, both on the pro and con sides.  Call it what you want, Top Cow just pulled in six figures to relaunch Cyber Force in what’s the biggest crowdfunding effort to date from a U.S. comics publisher (and #6 largest comics project […]

Expendables 2 Wins A Quiet Box Office

By Todd Allen The Expendables 2 managed to win the weekly box office with a debut just south of $29M, in a bit of ho-hum weekly box office.  Nothing big broke and the largest story might be the drastic manner in which theater managers kicked The Watch to the curb.