ComiCON-versation #10: The secret of marketing your comicon

By Mike Scigliano

I’m guessing that most of you were wondering when I would get to the marketing aspect of producing a comicon. Marketing is a very important part of the process of putting on a comicon. Much of the success you hope to have will hinge upon how you are able to reach your potential attendees.


Predominantly known for his tripptastic, psychedelic art and creating the whacked-out world of BOYS CLUB, Matt Furie takes some time to unload on his newest release, a curious children’s book called THE NIGHT RIDERS.

The Legal View: Legal maneuvering on both sides as judge cancels Superman hearing

[On Monday, US District judge Otis Wright cancelled a hearing on the case of the Joe Shuster estate’s claim for his half of the copyright to Superman. This led many observers to think a decision was near. The Beat’s legal expert, Jeff Trexler explains it’s just not that simple.]

Incredibly rare Craig Thompson art auction for Manila flood benefit

As you may know, the metro Manila area has been hit by severe flooding of late, due to monsoon season, and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced as a result. Local bookstore Fullybooked is organizing a fundraiser for the flood victims.

More Invincible #100 death teasers

As previously reported, for its 100th issue, Robert Kirkman’s superhero saga INVINCIBLE is following in the “issue 100 = a heartbreaking death” comics tradition, by teasing said heartbreaking death. And here are the teasers that have run since Monday, each featuring a different set of blood-spattered remains strewn around the rubble.

Angry Birds introduces Pink Bird for back to school update

Pink Bird’s power involves exploding into a gust of floating bubbles. As pink things do.

A Farewell to The Boys – The Series Wraps Up In November

By Todd Allen OK, I admit it.  That cover graphic of all the super heroes going straight down the toilet cracks me up.  It’s also symbolic of The Boys. As the title ends in November, it is worth noting its strange journey.

UPDATED: Kibbles 'n' Bits, 8/16/2012: art, time, man, Rocket Raccoon

News and notes from all over.

Jeff Smith's next project to be more humorous

With Jeff Smith’s first post-BONE project, RASL, wrapping up after a four-year run, he’s doing a bunch of interviews, and here’s a good one from Paste Magazine. HUGE SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t read all of RASL, this is definitely one to save for afterwards as it discusses plot twists and turns in depth.

This year's Iowa butter fantasy

Oh yeah and speaking of Snow White…she’s the subject of this year’s Iowa State Fair butter sculpture. Butter sculpting is an Iowan specialty, and actually quite revered, ast least at the State Fair, where the practice goes back more than a hundred years. A woman named Norma “Duffy” Lyon was the Rodin of butter for many years, hewing majestic figures from the blocks of fat for more than 40 years, only passing the churn to her apprentice, Sarah Pratt, in 2006.

Colleen Doran being stalked by cute forest critters

You may recall that earlier in the year, artist Colleen Doran’s yard was being swarmed by adorable baby foxes. Well, Now it’s under attack from lovable forest deer.