Nanites and Mindwipes: A Bloodshot #1 Review

Something that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of Comicon was the release of Bloodshot #1, the third title from Valiant’s relaunch. Valiant went raiding Marvel again for the creative team: Duane Swierczynski (Iron Fist, Cable, and more recently Birds of Prey) is the writer, Manuel Garcia (probably best known for runs on Raven and Checkmate) is penciling with Arturo Lozzi, Stefano Gaudiano (all sorts of Marvel titles… plus X-O Manowar) is inking.

A Growing Sense of Concern Over Marvel's Sales

There’s been some concern over Marvel’s sales in the last six months or so. “But AVX is frickin’ huge,” you say. And it is. But that might be masking Marvel’s inability to sell comics that aren’t part of a crossover/Event. Marvel’s Next event is the pseudo-relaunch of Marvel NOW! and nobody’s quite sure what to make of that just yet. Last week, Brian Hibbs penned a column expressing concerns about Marvel NOW!’s viability and the poor general state of Marvel’s and non-Event top list and mid-list. I think it’s time to compare some of the numbers on this.