Chris Ware persuades D&Q to publish a collection of teen girl mag Rookie

Mystery of the week: Literary comics mainstay D&Q is suddenly getting into prose with 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson’s ‘Rookie Yearbook One’ , a collection of the popular online magazine for teenage girls? With a company-high 40k first printing? Who? How? Why? All this is shocking enough. But here’s the stunning drawing room reveal: it was Chris Ware’s idea! What th–? Will Ware’s unnamed one-legged protagonist suddenly be modeling Fit-Flops?

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: June 2012

by Paul O’Brien

The AVENGERS VS X-MEN crossover continued to dominate Marvel’s schedule in June, but the month also saw another high profile release – the SPIDER-MEN miniseries, in which the original Spider-Man meets the new Ultimate Universe version of the character. The Icon imprint also launches a HIT-GIRL miniseries. And other than that, it’s a pretty quiet month for new releases, as often tends to be the case in the height of major crossovers.

Despite the sales boost from the summer crossover, it was a very close month in terms of market share in the North American direct market, with DC leading Marvel in unit terms by 38.2% to 37.8%, but Marvel leading in retail share by 33.8% to 33.0%. Effectively a tie, then. DC’s performance can be attributed in large part to all four BEFORE WATCHMEN titles landing in the top 10 with estimated sales of over 100K each.

How to get a copy of the Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 Collectors Edition

Color Scott Pilgrim is coming.

It was available at Comic-Con. And soon it will be available on-line. Soon meaning August 8th.

But to get the very rare Collector’s Editions (which includes the Evil Edition, along with all the sweet merch mentioned below and pictured above, like coins and prints and patches) you must watch and wait. And then crash the server, probably. Here are the details: