Preview: Monkeybrain's MASKS & MOBSTERS #1

Monkeybrain’s newest digital-only title MASKS & MOBSTERS is a crime anthology set in the early days of the Golden Age of masked men, and tells the story of an enforcer bent on discovering the identify of who’s been selling his boss out to a superhero. Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson create a new kind of superhero noir that, at 14-pages, is fast, bloody, and ends with a brutal twist.

SDCC 12: Comic-Con is spreading like the zombie apocalypse

It’s a sign of the length of the Comic-Con Recovery Process that even though I thought I could wrap this all up on Tuesday, it’s taken me another four days and many many packets of Vietnamese Instant Coffee (Cà Phê Hòa Tan) to have the energy to write my thoughts. If you don’t want to read them you can listen to much the same thing in the PW Comics World More to Come podcast. While I’m pretty sure everyone has purged the week of July 11-15th from their mind entirely —and I just about have forgotten it all myself—for the sake of completeness, here’s what I thought and observed and smelled and saw and heard:

SDCC 12: Making a Living in Manga

By Alexander Añé The Making a Living in Manga panel featured Adam Warren, Becky Cloonan, Fred Gallagher, Audra Furuichi, Christopher Butcher, JuYoun Lee, Erik Ko, and moderator Deb Aoki. This was a very diverse panel, hosting a good lineup of professionals and publishers including a journalist devoted to writing about the manga industry. From there […]