DiDio on The Next Big Crossover, Plus Digital And Creator Rights

It’s time for ICV2’s annual sit down with the DC publisher, or in this case, co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. As is usually the case, DiDio is more the quotable provocateur. And boy, did he drop a bunkerbuster of a bomb in this one…

It's Time for that In-Depth Investigation of 'All-Winners Squad' You've Yearned for

Marvel’s best characters (minus Ursa Major) have been assembled into a team for a series of bizarre webisodes online, for poorly-defined reasons which seem to amount to WELL WHY NOT?

Nice art: They may not target women, but DC and Marvel are definitely going after the manatee market

Or at least that’s what artist Joel Micah Harris shows us.

Quote of the day, Carl Barks edition

“I have spent 17 years in the dark, wondering what the readers of my stuff really wanted,” wrote Barks to Willits. “It would be an enlightening experience to talk to one. In the event you phone, my wife will answer the call, my hearing aids which are okay for ordinary conversation are shuttery for telephonic jazz.”

Webcomics alert: the ORIGINAL Time Bum by Michael Kupperman

Because bums are always funny, we couldn’t resists linking to the Jef UK/ Paul Ahern webcomics Time Bum earlier today. But then we were reminded via Twitter that the great Michael Kupperman already did a Time Bum comic which you can read here and here and here and here.

Infinity, the new FREE magazine about digital comics for iPad

A digital magazine about…digital comics?

Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

Daniel Clowes news roundup: new TV show being developed, bad interview, signing

Daniel Clowes is in the news! So much going on.

Shadowman #1 Confirmed For November Plus Preview Art

By Todd Allen That teaser from Tuesday was indeed Shadowman.  Looks like Valiant is doing a launch, not a spin-off as November will see Shadowman #1.  Writing is by Justin Jordan.  Art is by Patrick Zircher. This is the second recent announcement for Jordan.  He’s probably best known for The Strange Talent of Luther Strode […]

Quotes of the Day: Kiel Phegley Edition

This is the part where we fellow journos log roll, right? CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley has the most delightful Comic-Con recap, from yachts to Joe Keatinge to Elijah Wood to Whit Spurgeon. And so many potential quotes of the day. Is it THIS:

Webcomic alert: Time Bum

Witness the ongoing adventures of one man with all the time in the world.  He.  Is.   Time Bum!