Weekend distraction: Biggest Crackerjack Toy Auction in history about to go down

It’s been a crappy horrible day, but here’s something to end it on that should make you smile. The kids today may not be aware that Cracker Jack gifts weren’t always lame-of pencil toppers (seriously — who the hell needs a pencil topper???) but were once an array of tiny toys and gadgets all assembled from die cast plastic. And now it seems largest collection of Cracker Jack toys ever assembled going up for auction. It’s all part of the Dreier Collection, a massive pop culture collection which is being auctioned off by Profiles in History on July 28th. You can view the whole thing below.

Column: My son and Batman

I haven’t written a post for The Beat in quite some time; I have been working, writing and trying to start up some new businesses – but more on that another time. I am writing because of what happened in Colorado and because today is my son’s birthday. And for those of you I don’t know – I am a former DC Comics employee.

My son has been looking forward to both his birthday and The Dark Knight Rises. In fact he has invited a few of his friends to go with him tonight to see the film. As I write this he is playing Batman: Arkham City, and when I got home last night he was watching The Dark Knight. I also noticed a stack of Batman graphic novels stacked on the dining room table.

SDCC 12: The Mother/Daughter view

by Merideth Jenson-Benjamin

In what has become an annual pilgrimage for the Benjamin family, last week we packed our Febreeze and granola bars, and headed out to San Diego Comic-Con.

Once we got home, I had a post-mortem with my ten year old daughter about the experience. Our conversation follows:

SDCC 12: The Virgin Diaries: Part 3 — From Hall H to recovery

Note: My notes for the next two days were increasingly less and less. Saturday and Sunday really were one HUGE day broken up by about 5 hours of sleep, but lets dive in!

Batman doesn't use a gun…but crazy people do

Obviously we’ve all woken up to a national tragedy, and one that will be connected to an iconic comics figure and a triumphant comic book movie series for all time. In this post, I don’t mean to in any way diminish the needless death of the people killed and and horror of the wounded, and the survivors. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this disaster. That is story #1.

The Brooklyn Nets will be buying their comics at Bergen Street Comics

On our periodic forays to Bergen Street Comics we’ve been watching the new Barclays Center go up a few blocks away, so it’s good to know that
comics loving Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez knows where to get his books:

Box Brown does Andre the Giant for First Second

Or at least that’s what was posted on Twitter.

12 Dead, 50 wounded at Batman Screening in Colorado [update]

12 dead, 50 injured when James Holmes opens fire in a crowded Aurora, Colorado, movie theater screening “The Dark Knight Rises” at Midnight.