SDCC12: Watchtower Wrap-Up

We discover some overlooked items from Comic-Con. Lobo, bubble gum cards, Margaret Atwood, and Weird Al!

SDCC 12: Comic Con Talkback 2012 Summary

The Comic Con International: San Diego holds a Talkback Panel every year to try and figure out what went right and what went wrong. The format of the Talkback Panel does not lend itself to formation of easy narrative. One representative from CCI sits behind a desk and answers questions from the line of convention attendees, taking down notes and suggestions, and responding when necessary. This year, the task fell to John Rogers, President of Comic Con International’s Board of Directors, to moderate the panel.

Seen Around: Gaiman, Daughtry, Lee, Johns at THE DARK KNIGHT RISES premiere

Last night’s gala premiere for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in NYC brought out some stars, with author Neil Gaiman escorting DC president Diane Nelson to the event.

At the afterparty, DC execs Jim Lee and Geoff Johns relaxed and flexed with singing star Daughtry, who is teaming with the WB and DC for the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to raise funds to end hunger in the Horn of Africa.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Captain Marvel #1

Marvel’s newly eponymous Captain jumps into a new solo title. But does Carol Danvers soar in the new role… or crash and burn?

SDCC 12 Wrap-Up: The food

We’re not going to stay on San Diego too long, but if the surge of traffic that just swamped the site is any indication — people just got home and want to see what they missed.

Darlene Horn has a fantastic write-up onthe food at the show, from Anthony Bourdain to the kids who recreated the Avengers at the Shawarma shop.