Canadian Cartoonists Petition Canadian Government for Funding Equality

“Given the artistic quality of Canadian cartooning, it’s cultural importance, its centrality to an understanding of Canadian society and history, and its appeal to readers of all ages, a strong argument can and should be made that the Canada Council should support the work of Cartoonists and that of publishers interested in publishing their work. “

Genre Film of the Moment: You Can Only Survive the Monsters If You're Blind Drunk

A bit of film news out of Ireland, that I haven’t heard coming out of Comicon… a film called “Grabbers.” It sounds like Father Ted (or at least Father Jack) meets The Thing. A small Irish island community is beset by monsters and the only way you can survive them is to get good and drunk. (Hmmm… are these monsters threatening the Hyatt bar during comicon… it might explain a few things.)

SDCC12: Watchtower Friday

Lotsa headlines from Google’s finest news sources!

007's New Q Actor Has Played a Techie Before

I fear we might have a little bit of type casting going on here. They’ve cast a new Q for Skyfall. Ben Whishaw is playing a decidedly younger Q than we’re used to seeing, and definitely more on the nerdy side than the classical preoccupied professor, to look at the promo image:

SDCC 12: Dave McKean: My two years with Dawkins, Christ, and a small Crab Called Eric

Dave McKean, the British artist/polymath who has worked as a cartoonist, comics cover artist, illustrator, graphic designer and filmmaker, opened his panel by saying, “I’m not going to assume that people know who I am, which was greeted by a cheer from the crowd, trying to let Dave know how many people in the packed room DID know who Dave is (at least 25%, if you’re keeping track).

Diamond offers subsidies for comics shops to purchase POS systems

Continuing their efforts to get comics shops to install expensive but highly efficient POS systems, Diamond has teamed with several publishers to offer stores a $6250 subsidy for purchasing a POS system, it was announced today.

SDCC12: Behind the Scenes

What are some of the more esoteric and mundane aspects of Comic-Con?

SDCC 2012: Cup O' Joe Announces a Few AVX Spin-Offs

The Cup o’ Joe panel had a few announcements and has taken the first step to solving some of the solitication mysteries spinning out of “Marvel Now.” A lot of it seems to be spun out of AVX.

SDCC 2012: outside report– Cryptozoic Store

Stopped by the Cryptozoic pop up at 411 Market Street and things are hopping with free zombie make-up, game demos and signings. Tonight there’s a big launch party for The Look-outs. It’s a good spot for chillaxing and chatting and gaming.

Kieron Gillen Launches a Podcast

In which Kieron Gillen interviews Jason Aaron about writing comic books.

SDCC 12: Diamond offers incentives for new stores

Realizing that getting new stores out there is crucial to growing the comics business. Diamond has announced a couple of new programs to help get new stores up and running by softening the financial blow of assembling opening inventory. New business director Chris Powell announced these at todays Diamond retailer lunch. One program is allows […]

SDCC 2012 – The New Ultimate Iron Man Comic And The Ultimate Marvel Panel

Two primary announcements are coming out of the “Ultimate Marvel” Panel. (That really does sound goofy if you say it out loud, doesn’t it?) First off, there’s a new Ultimate Comics Iron Man mini-series coming out. Secondly, there’s going to be an Event in the Ultimates line called “Divided We Fall.”

Duane Swierczynski Hooks up with Judge Dredd

IDW’s long-teased Judge Dredd series has a writer and artist! And a release date. And guns!

Let's Speculate! Marvel's Six New Mystery Titles

Six new books from Marvel in October? BUT HOW CAN WE EVER HOPE TO UNRAVEL THEM?!

SDCC: Scott Snyder Interview

Today I spoke with Scott Snyder by the DC Booth at San Diego Comic-Con. I got to talk with him about his work with Batman and how he’s going to bring us the another big event with Greg Capullo and Death of the Family.

SDCC12: Watchtower Thursday: The Rest of the Story

The other links from Thursday! Mitt Romney and the Mayor of San Diego! Science Fiction Libraries! E-books from Abrams! Finally, a sonic screwdriver which can open your car! LEGO superhero exclusives!