Canadian Cartoonists Petition Canadian Government for Funding Equality

“Given the artistic quality of Canadian cartooning, it’s cultural importance, its centrality to an understanding of Canadian society and history, and its appeal to readers of all ages, a strong argument can and should be made that the Canada Council should support the work of Cartoonists and that of publishers interested in publishing their work. “

Genre Film of the Moment: You Can Only Survive the Monsters If You're Blind Drunk

A bit of film news out of Ireland, that I haven’t heard coming out of Comicon… a film called “Grabbers.” It sounds like Father Ted (or at least Father Jack) meets The Thing. A small Irish island community is beset by monsters and the only way you can survive them is to get good and drunk. (Hmmm… are these monsters threatening the Hyatt bar during comicon… it might explain a few things.)

007's New Q Actor Has Played a Techie Before

I fear we might have a little bit of type casting going on here. They’ve cast a new Q for Skyfall. Ben Whishaw is playing a decidedly younger Q than we’re used to seeing, and definitely more on the nerdy side than the classical preoccupied professor, to look at the promo image:

SDCC 12: Dave McKean: My two years with Dawkins, Christ, and a small Crab Called Eric

Dave McKean, the British artist/polymath who has worked as a cartoonist, comics cover artist, illustrator, graphic designer and filmmaker, opened his panel by saying, “I’m not going to assume that people know who I am, which was greeted by a cheer from the crowd, trying to let Dave know how many people in the packed room DID know who Dave is (at least 25%, if you’re keeping track).