SDCC 2012: New Neil Gaiman Sandman With J.H. Williams III

It’s the 25th anniversary of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Could DC let this go by without new material? No. And not only did they get Gaiman to agree to do a new tale, they got a real artist’s artist to illustrate it in the form of J.H. Williams III. Technically, this sounds like it will be a prequel, if not a prologue, to the original series. It should end just as the original issue #1 is about to begin.

SDCC 12: Jonah Hex and more go "dark"

by Pamela Auditore “Now I know who the comic lovers are here at Comic Con,”  said Jimmy Palmiotti to appreciative applause  in first DC Panel of SDCC 2012 on Thursday.   He went on to announce Jonah Hex among the titles to appear under “the Dark and the Edge” banner. Palmiotii will have “Jonah Hex” […]

SDCC 2012: Evil Ernie Returns In October From Dynamite

Back in the 90s, Evil Ernie was hot book for awhile. Brian Pulido and Stephen Hughes had a hot run with the Chaos! Comics imprint, which also featured Lady Death (yes, that was when Bad Girls were at their peak). Dynamite acquired most of the Chaos! intellectual property, back in 2010 (Lady Death is over at Avatar). This looks to be the first book to come out from that IP family.