Top Shelf launches cyber-con sale

If you’re looking for some great digital comics, Top Shelf is launching a big sale on some of their best titles. Call it their “virtual” comic-con:

Comics sales up for June

We haven’t had time to post all the sales charts from the month, but ICv2 is out with their analysis and it’s boffo all the way. Overall sales up up significantly from last year.

Alex Ross Paints The Whole Comic As Dynamite Launches a Pulp Crossover Mini

Has it really been 6 years since Alex Ross painted an entire comic? He did do pencils and inks with some computerized painted finishes for a Justice Society/Kingdom Come special edition in ’09. Other than that I think it really has been just a page or two here and there since Justice wrapped in ’06. Ross is returning to interiors in November for a pulp character (Shadow/Green Hornet / Zoro/ Black Bat / Miss Fury / The Spider) crossover mini-series called Masks from Dynamite in November.

SDCC 12: CBLDF has launch party, new member kit

As always, our pals at the CBLDF will be offering fantastic member benefits, throwing a great party and fighting to keep our speech free. Saturday’s art auction includes some of their best items yet, with art by Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Billy Tucci, and more.

SDCC 12: Lego Brick artist recreates Jim Lee painting in Lego

Basically if you go to the Darkness and Light gallery on 5th Street on Friday you will see Lego builder recreating a Jim Lee painting in Legos.

You don’t see that every day. No sir.

SDCC 12: Love and Rockets' 30th Anniversary

Truly a milestone. And it comes with a new book, t-shirts and more. God Science is probably the best superhero book debuting at the show.

SDCC 12: Dean Haspiel

This is what makes it all possible.

MoCCA: New location will have ground floor access

Michael Dean, who previously reported on the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art for TCJ, has a fact-filled article on the museum’s sudden Monday closure. According to president Ellen Abramowitz, a new space is in place, but papers have not been signed. The lease on the old space was up and it was decided to move.

ComiXology launches for Windows 8

Tolja there was more coming from comiXology, as an app for the new-style Windows 8 is also launching.

Simpsons comics get their own iOS app

We can tell you already that comiXology is going to have a BIG show, and here’s the first announcement: a new Simpsons-themed app for iOS devices which will roll out tomorrow with a specially chosen selection of Bongo-published Simpsons comics. Interestingly, the comics will NOT be day and date but rather go on sale a month after newsstands.

Skottie Young, Adam Rex and Neil Gaiman team up, if you're interested

In a new deal with HarperCollins, it’s been announced that Neil Gaiman will be writing five new books next year. And he’s bringing Adam Rex and Skottie Young with him.

SDCC 12: Day 0 diary

The big impression from the first pre-day here backs up what we’ve been thinking just from reading the PR: if you can’t bring the people to the con, bring the con to the people. Events and pop-ups and displays and lounges have taken over the entire Gaslamp up to about Market Street. Skype even has a tricked-out airstream trailer parked by Horton Plaza where you can chat with friends and family and win tickets to the Wired Café.

SDCC 12: Dark Horse announces a triumphant return….

What??? Hellboy isn’t dead????

SDCC 12: Viz offers free ice cream and SHONEN JUMP ALPHA

It’s PR but it includes FREE ICE CREAM. And LUFFY. We glimpsed the brand new Viz booth last night and it looks spectacular.

SDCC12: Bongo Announce A Coldplay Comic

Bongo Comics have announced a new comic for next year, which they’ll also be unveiling at SDCC. And it’s based on Coldplay’s 5th album, Mylo Xyloto.

Archie gets M.A.C. cosmetics line

Comic book cosmetics are definitely on the rise. The M.A.C. line of Wonder Woman makeup a few years back was a sellout, and Sephora’s Hello Kitty is still going strong; of course, there was also Spider-Man nail polish and so on.

M.A.C. is following up with a line inspired by Archie Comics. While the PR hasn’t revealed any shades we’d expect the Archie’s Girls line to include bold reds and greens. And to launch the line, Archie’s Dan Parent will be at the San Diego M.A.C. store on Fifth, signing and drawing.