SDCC 12: The Virgin Diaries: Matthew Petz #1

By Matthew Petz — For most of my adult geek life I’ve know about the San Diego Comic Convention. It’ s essentially the Superbowl for comic fans. So whether it was money or just being an east coaster all my life, I’ve always done this from a far…but not this year…Oh no…this year, I’m actually going.

God help me.

Kickstarter alert: Molly Danger by Jamal Igle

There’s a new Kickstarter on the block—well it will be on August 1st that is. Jamal Igle, artist on more DC books that you can shake a stick at, is starting a campaign for Molly Danger, a four book, hardcover graphic album all-ages action adventure series which he describes as “Astroboy meets the Powerpuff Girls”. The project comes with a big price-tag— $45,000. More details: