SDCC 2012: Yet another off-site helps con-goers experience a coma through the eyes of Ridley Scott

Seriously, the PR is getting so weird it’s getting hard to believe. Here’s another offsite, this one at 1st street and J, which promotes COMA, a TV mini-series by Ridley and Tony Scott, by helping them go through the torment that people in Michael Crichton’s original novel went thought via being “evaluated” for the tour and getting a surgery scar. Make sure you wear your brain-wave activated cat ears when you go through the surgery!

We’re sure this will not be as fun as it sounds. Why couldn’t there be a BLACK JACK carnival at Comic-Con instead?

SDCC 12: The Manchester Grand Hyatt goes for $111 a night…when it isn't comic-con

Actually just got an email with this offer. Just to give you an idea of how prices are jacked up during con. The Hyatt regularly goesf for $500+ during the con…when you can even book a room.

More DC October Creative Changes And Other Solicitation Nuggets

Sometimes you get a fuller story when the solicitations are announced, and today would be one of those times. Let’s start out with another primary creative change: Dan Jurgens is taking over Firestorm:

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: May 2012

The AVENGERS VS X-MEN crossover continued in May, while NEW MUTANTS and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY had their own little private event with “Exiled”. There’s also the launch of the new FURY MAX title, the weekly mini HULK SMASH AVENGERS, more flogging of the undead horse with MARVEL ZOMBIES DESTROY!, and the return of Icon’s TAKIO.

As usual, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market, though by a smaller than usual margin – they led DC by 39% to 37% in unit share, and 35% to 33% in dollar terms.

Russ Manning Award Spotlight: Teagan Gavet

Teagan Gavet is the fourth of the nominees for this year’s Russ Manning Award, for her work on the original graphic novel Nordgard: On Thin Ice

New York's MoCCA comics museum shuts down its physical space

Backing up rumors we’d been hearing over the weekend, MoCCA, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, is closing its physical space on Broadway in Soho, effective immediately.

Marvel Unites Marvel NOW! and Point One at Cup O' Joe

This morning’s Marvel teaser suggests that the new Marvel NOW! relaunch will be tied in with the Point One program which saw various series get a “.1 issue” that was new-reader-friendly. The program did quite well, we’re told. Details will be revealed at the Cup O’ Joe panel, Friday, July 13th, 3:15 PM PST.

This move solidifies the “jump-onable” nature of the Marvel NOW! program.

Valiant runs on "millions not tens of millions"

The NY Times business section profiles the Valiant relaunch and explains that it’s trying to become a mini-Marvel as far as movies go. It also follows the money and names the investors—led by former Marvel exec Peter Cuneo— who have powered the company to hire a killer elite of editorial and marketing from top editor Warren Simons to marketing’s Atom! Freeman:

Diamond and iVerse to launch Digital Stores on July 23rd

After a long testing period, and a lot of controversy along the way, Diamond and iVerse are finally going live with Diamond Digital on July 23rd. The program will allow Diamond accounts to set up their own digital storefront, sell download codes and otherwise engage in the digital sales that everyone thought would kill comics but which has, instead, led to growing sales.

The program has been in beta for some time now, with some lively feedback from participating retailers. Publishers represented in the program include IDW, Image, Archie, APE, Arcana, Bluewater, BOOM!, Broadsword, Hermes, Sea Lion, Top Shelf, Viper Comics, and Within Temptation—Marvel and DC have yet to opt in.

SDCC 12: The Girl with the Donut Tattoo gives food recommendations


New HOBBIT poster goes on an unexpected journey to Comic-Con

Peter Jackson unveiled this poster for The Hobbit over at his Facebook page. It’s one of two posters—Pacific Rim is the other—that WB will be giving away at some point, so add this to your con logjam list.

SDCC 12: The Virgin Diaries: Matthew Petz #1

By Matthew Petz — For most of my adult geek life I’ve know about the San Diego Comic Convention. It’ s essentially the Superbowl for comic fans. So whether it was money or just being an east coaster all my life, I’ve always done this from a far…but not this year…Oh no…this year, I’m actually going.

God help me.

SDCC 12: The Blvd brings along the South Park art dept.

Okay here’s one of the more interesting booths if you’re into art and South Park…and they sent along a fun graphic as well.

Kickstarter alert: Molly Danger by Jamal Igle

There’s a new Kickstarter on the block—well it will be on August 1st that is. Jamal Igle, artist on more DC books that you can shake a stick at, is starting a campaign for Molly Danger, a four book, hardcover graphic album all-ages action adventure series which he describes as “Astroboy meets the Powerpuff Girls”. The project comes with a big price-tag— $45,000. More details:

The Lookouts scores at comiXology

You can squarely file this one under hype, but it is also of interest for you sales chart followers. The original digital comic THE LOOKOUTS, by the Penny Arcade crew of Tycho and Gabe, Cryptozoic’s Cory Jones, Ben McCool, and artist Robb Mommaerts is currently the number #3 digital comic at comiXology. Here are the top ten as of midnight Sunday:

SDCC 12: operate electronic cat ears with only your brain waves

For the past week or so we’ve been getting emails about Neocomimi, a product which offers electronic cat ears which purport to be activated by our brain waves to show emotions. Like, when you want more Fancy Feast they go down, and when you hear the Fancy Feast can being opened they perk right up. That kind of thing.