Joe Kubert Gets an Anthology at DC

Joe Kubert continues to be pretty active over at DC. Currently inking his son, Andy, on Before Watchmen: Nite Owl, Joe’s going to be having his own anthology at DC. Joe Kubert Presents is slated to have a six issue run, debuting on Halloween. Joining Kubert for the anthology are Brian Buniak and Sam Glanzman.

John Layman Taking Over Detective Comics

There’s a new team on Detective Comics and it probably wasn’t who you were expecting. New artist, Jason Fabok, maybe you could have seen him coming. He’s filled in on a couple issues of Batman: The Dark Knight and also worked on the recent Batman Annual. You could make an argument he got a quick promotion from designated reliever (while that isn’t a formal title in comics, it probably should be) to primary artist. John Layman writing Detective? No, you didn’t see that one coming.

SDCC 12: the Course of the Force is revving up with Ewoks

While the mental journey to Comic-Con 2012 started on the very last day of Comic-Con 2011 for some of us, an actual physical journey is kicking off this weekend: The Course of the Force, an Olympic-style charity relay run from the Santa Monica Pier to the gates of Comic-Con — with a Lightsaber as the torch — begins its real-life epic journey this Saturday.

To kick off the kick-off, a new short film featuring Nerdist Chris Hardwick shows the origins of the journey— and reveals that the ILM lot is inhabited by real Ewoks, Boba Fett tools around in a van and one particular comics superstar likes to see people on their knees singing “Yub nub.”