The Beat in triumphant return! Or: Well, that was scary

All the apologies in the world for today’s Beat outage. I finally figured out how to get it back online. Our Elite Tech Team is working on a more secure and long-lasting solution but in the meantime, Python, Apache, and MySQL are refusing to play nice. Man, I missed the Beat. It was scary not having it around.

Valiant Teases Villains (Meet the 1%)

By Todd Allen Valiant does like their teasers, and the latest batch does give us a clue as to the tone of Archer & Armstrong. They call it “Meet the 1%.” Bulls & Bears?  Is someone taking a poke at Wall Street?  Surely not.  Here and I was thinking that the Archer & Armstrong preview […]

SDCC 12: Plan your routes! Exhibitors list and map released

Last year we did snarky annotations. This year we’re too tired.

HeroesCon interview: Francesco Francavilla

by Jimmy Aquino, Comic News Insider, Special to The Beat

I sat down with old pal and amazing artist Francesco Francavilla on Sunday at HeroesCon. Always a great interview, Francesco and I talked about his recent work on Batman,  upcoming Captain America/Black Widow mini-series, The Black Beetle, cover work, Comic Twart, What Not, and his genuine love for cartooning. You can check out other great interviews I got at HeroesCon over at the Comic News Insider (my podcast) site! 

Preview: orgy of zombie death in Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 (NSFW!)

There’s an absurd number of great comics out today but here’s one that hasn’t had too much advance buzz—maybe because author Gilbert Hernandez is SO DARNED PROLIFIC. Anyway, FATIMA: THE BLOOD SPINNERS #1 is his take on zombies, with an eyeball-squeezing mix of a deadly femme zombie hunter and mindless violence. It’s a four-issue miniseries and it also features alternate covers by Peter Bagge.

SDCC12: Adventure Time experience takes over Children's Museum

We’ve been to a few parties over at the Children’s Museum in SD, located right across the tracks from the Hyatt—notably a concert by Cheap Trick a few years back—and often wondered why it wasn’t used more by party-givers. Well, what with the original Tr!ckster venue going to the studios, and now this, it seems “right across the tracks” is the new DUMBO, as Cartoon Network is taking over the Children’s Museum for an Adventure Time exhibit and a “fully immersive” Adventure Time experience! That won’t be popular, oh no. The exhibit opens on Wednesday of the con.

One lucky person can win a trip to Middle Earth!

In just a few short weeks, SDCC-goers can enter to win a trip to New Zealand to live up a true Hobbit experience.

Sablik ankles Top Cow for parts unknown–CORRECTED

Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik has told friends that Friday will be his last day at Top Cow, where he was publisher for the last 4 years of a 6 month stint. But fear not, Sablik has a NEW job at a comics publisher which he’ll be announcing at Comic-Con.

Jessi Reid, Top Cow’s Social Marketing Coordinator, will be taking over Sablik’s duties at Top Cow.

Nice cartoon: Gary Leib's "New York Coffee Nerves"

Surely if you’re anywhere near the comics biz you are guzzling vats of weapons-grade caffeine in order to get you through to The Big Show. Well this cartoon by the great Gary Leib may make you think twice.

Plus, The New York Times is making cartoons now?

Spider-Man's new… Spide-Kick

Marvel have revealed that issue #692 of Amazing Spider-Man will bring ‘Alpha’ to the World. But what is Alpha?

Today's war teaser implicates Iron Man

Just guessing tomorrow will be Hulk, right?

CO2 Comics — The Former Comico Crew Returns To Print Publishing

If you’re under 35 or so, you might not remember when Comico was a major player in the comics scene. Back in the mid-80s, they debuted Grendel, Mage and The Elementals (Bill Willingham’s original superhero saga, effectively lost to modern readers due to some ownership problems… yes, Willingham was also the artist on that). It was all going pretty well until they tried their hand at newsstand distribution and the company ended up changing hands by 1990.

HeroesCon proves thirty is fabulous

Whoosh! HeroesCon just raced on by! We arrived late on Thursday, hit BarCon and the rest was just WHOOSH! So much fun, we barely had time to type about it at all. That isn’t to say there weren’t some snafus—all on our own part—but they came and went so quickly.

Reminder: You WILL need your stinking badges—random badge checks at this year's San Diego Comic-Con — UPDATED

The local SD news confirms that there will be a crackdown on badge counterfeiting and trading at this year’s San Diego con with the institution of random ID checks when entering the show—as well as the usual cosplay weapon checks.

Future reading: "Marvel: The Untold Story"

Disclosure: Author Sean Howe interviewed me for this; and he interviewed everyone else. Coming from Harper in October:

DC confirms graphic novels on the Nook

So now we know that Kindle exclusive is really OVER, as DC has officially announced that DC graphic novels will be available for B&N’s Nook. The comics, which include the 100 favorite such as WATCHMEN as well as the new launch of New 52 collections, will be readable in a new “Zoom View” format—which is B&N’s version of comiXology’s guided view.