Penny Arcade and Cryptozoic team for The Lookouts spin-off

Famed webcomic Penny Arcade and Cryptozoic are putting out their first periodical comic in the shape of THE LOOKOUTS, a six-issue miniseries by writer Ben McCool and artist Robb Mommaerts. Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik provides some alternative art such as that seen below. The comic will be available digitally starting next week and in print August 29th.

SDCC 12: What's happening in the Gaslamp

While inside Comic-Con is a white hot cauldron of nerd-fun, outside on the city streets of San Diego, it’s a rolling circus, from those late night cosplay trips to Ralphs to the parades winding down Fifth Street town, to the many parties and themed restaurants. Here’s a list we’ve been provided of local establishments that will be having con-themed events or decor or menu items, from Hulk pizza to Batman sushi.

Valiant Teases Villains (Meet the 1%)

By Todd Allen Valiant does like their teasers, and the latest batch does give us a clue as to the tone of Archer & Armstrong. They call it “Meet the 1%.” Bulls & Bears?  Is someone taking a poke at Wall Street?  Surely not.  Here and I was thinking that the Archer & Armstrong preview […]

HeroesCon interview: Francesco Francavilla

by Jimmy Aquino, Comic News Insider, Special to The Beat

I sat down with old pal and amazing artist Francesco Francavilla on Sunday at HeroesCon. Always a great interview, Francesco and I talked about his recent work on Batman,  upcoming Captain America/Black Widow mini-series, The Black Beetle, cover work, Comic Twart, What Not, and his genuine love for cartooning. You can check out other great interviews I got at HeroesCon over at the Comic News Insider (my podcast) site!