Book Con!: American Library Association Annual Conference 2012

So what happens when a room full of librarians decide to hold a comic con? Quite a bit!

Adam Cadwell founds The British Comic Awards

Tally ho and chocks away to a new awards ceremony celebrating British comics! God Save The Queen!

Tablets: One Size May Not Fit All

by Bruce Lidl

With the Google I/O developer conference taking place, it was a big week for Google, with a series of announcements touching on a number of their business initiatives. Maybe the biggest is the release of their Nexus 7 tablet device. Built by Taiwanese hardware manufacturer ASUS but sporting the latest version of the Android operating system (“Jelly Bean” or 4.1), the Nexus 7 is Google’s first serious foray into the tablet space, and in hardware generally. Apple’s dominance in the tablet space with the iPad remains essentially unchallenged right now, and the Nexus 7 is not likely to change that significantly, but it does demonstrate that Google, like Microsoft and Amazon, with their Surface and Kindle Fire tablets respectively, is not going to surrender the space just yet.

Winners Announced In Inaugural Will Eisner Graphic Novel Prize For Libraries

The winners of a swell comics library grant were announced at ALA.

BONUS: Neil Kleid's Not At Comic-Con photo campaign

Every year someone starts a not-at-Comic-Con party or promotion of some sort.

This time it’s writer Neil Kleid (The Big Kahn) who’s taking off on DC’s ad campaign.

If it's war, it must be the Punisher!

Marvel’s final war teaser reveals that the Punisher is involved. Damn. Occam’s razor and all that.

DC spotlights talent in new ad campaign

Creators, talent, architects, makers…maybe we should just call them the Bullpen.

Penny Arcade and Cryptozoic team for The Lookouts spin-off

Famed webcomic Penny Arcade and Cryptozoic are putting out their first periodical comic in the shape of THE LOOKOUTS, a six-issue miniseries by writer Ben McCool and artist Robb Mommaerts. Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik provides some alternative art such as that seen below. The comic will be available digitally starting next week and in print August 29th.

Marvel Movie Watch: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY due for 2014; ANT-MAN tested

All the signs have been pointing to Guardians of the Galaxy as the mystery 2014 Marvel Movie…and guess what! It is!

SDCC 12: What's happening in the Gaslamp

While inside Comic-Con is a white hot cauldron of nerd-fun, outside on the city streets of San Diego, it’s a rolling circus, from those late night cosplay trips to Ralphs to the parades winding down Fifth Street town, to the many parties and themed restaurants. Here’s a list we’ve been provided of local establishments that will be having con-themed events or decor or menu items, from Hulk pizza to Batman sushi.

SDCC 12: From Larry King to My Little Pony

We’re not going to post every little piece of PR about Comic-Con that’s flooding our inbox, but…well…a lot is happening! Here’s some of the most unlikely and exceptional events looming. Let’s just say does a My Little Pony trolley ring your bell?

The Beat in triumphant return! Or: Well, that was scary

All the apologies in the world for today’s Beat outage. I finally figured out how to get it back online. Our Elite Tech Team is working on a more secure and long-lasting solution but in the meantime, Python, Apache, and MySQL are refusing to play nice. Man, I missed the Beat. It was scary not having it around.