Reminder: You WILL need your stinking badges—random badge checks at this year's San Diego Comic-Con — UPDATED

The local SD news confirms that there will be a crackdown on badge counterfeiting and trading at this year’s San Diego con with the institution of random ID checks when entering the show—as well as the usual cosplay weapon checks.

Future reading: "Marvel: The Untold Story"

Disclosure: Author Sean Howe interviewed me for this; and he interviewed everyone else. Coming from Harper in October:

DC confirms graphic novels on the Nook

So now we know that Kindle exclusive is really OVER, as DC has officially announced that DC graphic novels will be available for B&N’s Nook. The comics, which include the 100 favorite such as WATCHMEN as well as the new launch of New 52 collections, will be readable in a new “Zoom View” format—which is B&N’s version of comiXology’s guided view.

Nice art: Mystery Justice League concept art

A concept artist who worked on BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM has posted some Justice League concept art that could be just an afternoon doodle…or something else? It’s definitely a more video-game esque and robust take on the characters. Our guess: something toyetic.

Lobo co-creator Roger Slifer in critical condition after hit-and-run

Veteran comics writer Roger Slifer is fighting for his life after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Santa Monica, CA. it’s being reported on twitter and elsewhere. Best known as the co-creator of Lobo, Slifer, 57, has worked as an editor and writer in the comics, animation and video game industries. According to reports, Slifer was struck by a white sedan at Fifth Street and Colorado Avenue early Saturday morning and taken to Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition with a serious brain injury.

Archie personnel moves: Sokolowski hired; Buchholz, Kaminski and Segura promoted

Archie Comics has just made a hire and some promotions that solidify their role as a fast-track comics publishing company. Jim Sokolowski has joined the company as SVP – Sales and Business Development. Additionally, Harold Buchholz has been promoted to Senior Vice President – Publishing and Operations; Paul Kaminski has been named Executive Director of Editorial and Alex Segura has moved up to Vice President – Publicity and Marketing.

More Marvel War: now teasing Captain America

Continuing their teasers for the CCI Amazing Spider-Man panel, here’s the new one. Captain America, eh?

Tartakovsky on board for 3D Popeye

Blow me down! It looks like Popeye may be on his way back to the big screen, and with animation master Genndy Tartakovsky at the helm: Avi and Ari Arad are producing it for Sony Animation from a script by David Ronn and Jay Scherick.