Archer & Armstrong #1 – Five Page Preview (Lettered)

Archer & Armstrong will be the latest Valiant book getting the revival treatment. The original A&A was a Barry Windsor-Smith book. It was also a book with a sense of humor about itself. An immortal of slovenly bent and an uptight martial artist. Yes, this was the comics version of a buddy movie.

ELCAF Report: The UK Does It Right

Last weekend, the UK’s first East London Comics Festival embarked on a one day extravaganza of some of the best art and comics east of the Atlantic Ocean. Illustrator, comic artist, and exhibitor Kyle Platts shares his experience behind the scenes.

San Diego Teasers: Marvel Promise War

In the run-up to San Diego 2012, Marvel have released two teasers for an upcoming story called ‘War’

Kickstarter alert: Digestate anthology explores food and eating

J.T. Yost writes to alert us to a successful Kickstarter for a great sounding project called DIGESTATE, a food-theme anthology: