Confirmed: Brubaker Leaving Captain America, Opting For More Creator-Owned Work

In a wide-ranging interview over at The Comics Reporter, Ed Brubaker has confirmed he’s exiting Captain America — by his own choice — and will be moving more of his attention to creator-owned projects, along with film/TV opportunities. This interview hits a lot of the topics that have been getting bandied about on The Beat this week.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl Get Married

Phil Jimenez saw something cool today. So he took a photo of it, as Phil Jimenez is wont to do.

Brave Takes Over the Box Office — 8 of Top 10 Films Are Geek Chic

How tailored to the Beat’s demographic has the summer movie season been? 7 out of the top 10 films are hitting that cartoon/SF/F range. It’s really remarkable. The comedies that were supposed to be “big” are massively under-performing and studio executives aren’t likely to be skipping Comicon this year. Let’s just look at the Top 10 and bask in themes: