Oatmeal Vs. FunnyJunk's Fallout Gets Even Wider — Batman Is Now Tangentially Involved

We told you about the now Legendary webcomic The Oatmeal having an amazingly sarcastic response to a threatening legal letter and starting a charitable fundraiser. Then we told you that the lawyer who sent the initial letter decided to sue Matthew Inman (of The Oatmeal), the charities he was planning on donating to, and Indiegogo (which he was using as a fundraising tool.) If you thought the strangest was over, this affair has done nothing but snowball since then. Yes, while following the links spinning out of this story, I came across Batman’s point ears in a place I really wasn’t expecting to see them. We’ll get to that in due course.

The Brave Interactive Comic — Disney Goes Digital

Disney comics is a complicated topic. Disney bought Marvel, but the BOOM! had some of their licenses. BOOM! lost the licenses, but Marvel didn’t exactly come charging out of the gate with a lot of Disney titles. If you were paying attention to job listings, you’d also see Disney was hiring comics editors and digital comics people for their publishing office in White Plains (which is about to move to Burbank). It looks like we’re seeing their first product: the “Brave Interactive Comic.”