Waiting On Marvel's Oft-Rumored Moves

We’re a little less than three weeks away from Comicon and there’s a ton of speculation about Marvel’s next move. Which is assuming there is a *formal* next move, granted. If you look at the May sales estimates, AVX is distracting from a sad state of affairs. Throw out the AVX minis, and no estimate breaks 70K. Throw out the Avengers and X-titles getting pumped up by the event (which are just under 70K and would likely be clustered about 60K without the bump). Selling in the 50Ks are three Spider-Man issues and Uncanny X-Force sneaks in. So the 40K band is pretty decent sales at Marvel these days. Throw out their most successful sales stunt in years and the rest of the line is as low as Marvel has been.

Hooray for HeroesCon

Not much to report — bar con was packed and buzzing last night. We got to hang out and talk about storytelling with old Beat pal Jaime Hernandez — surely a convention year highlight.

It’s pretty incredible that this show has been running for 30 years! We’re hoping to sit down with owner Shelton Drum at some point and get his thoughts on that. This year’s convention booklet has a picture from the very first show — with a bunch of bearded guys including Wolfman and Miek Zeck — who are both back.

Madefire (Read: Mamtor) Launches New Digital Graphic Novel Format With Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz and Friends

Add another player to the growing list of digital comic app providers. Madefire has been in skunkworks mode for probably a year, hiding out in Berkley . Last fall I bumped into one of their executives at a tech event and after hearing his description, it was pretty obvious this was what Liam Sharp had been setting up. Boy, did his eyes pop out when I said “oh, so this is the new Mamtor.” And, if we’re honest, this is Liam Sharp taking his Mamtor concept (which was a perfectly reasonable idea) and moving it into a more independent format.

DC's new reader survey will give even more demographic info

True to their word, DC is launching a followup reader survey, after last fall’s New 52 launch survey. John Rood mentioned that any demographic info would only be truly useful as more comparisons were able to be made, and future surveys were promised. And here it is. We tried to take it but got booted out for truthful answers, sadly. (In this case not actually buying any DC comics.) As before there is a fake survey title, ORANGE IVY, to weed out wannabes.