The Big Two: Not the biggest opportunities in town any more as creators move on

I’ll make it short and sweet: creators have to create. Marvel and DC no longer allow them to do that, except within rigidly proscribed guidelines. And the Paolo Riveras of the world are going to have to move on. It might not be too long before the Big Two are just steppingstones to get your name out there for even bigger things.

When a Kickstarter fails

Lea Hernandez’s Kickstarter for The Garlicks is ending today and it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it— it’s currently only $15000 in to a $40K goal. We’re not Kickstarter experts by any stretch of the imagination but in this case, it is a clear case that just being good isn’t enough to get funded, because this was clearly a great-looking project.

The mystery women of Wonder Woman's past

Tim Hanley (he of Gender Crunching) has a great guest post up at DC Women Kicking Ass looking at The Women Behind Wonder Woman. Of course we all know about the men like William Marston and HG Peter, but there were several women involved in the early years as well, including Marston’s two wives Elizabeth and Olive (above—yes the three of them lived together and it was a little odd), but also women who worked directly on the series, including the great editor Dorothy Roubicek Woolfolk and even a scripter:

ALA goes big on graphic novels

This weekend the ALA (American Library Association) meeting takes place in Anaheim, and there’s a big graphic novel presence. Graphic Novel Reporter has the complete rundown of four days of activity on the Graphic Novel Stage, the GN/Gaming pavilion, and even an artist’s alley with creators such as Faith Erin Hicks, Tom Kaczynski & Gabrielle Bell, and the ubiquitous Dave Roman/Raina Telgemeier duo.

Highlights From DC's Spring Graphic Novel Schedule

By Todd Allen Yesterday, DC announced their book line-up (HC/TPB) for Spring 2013.  OK, you’re expecting a regular slate of New 52 collections.  But what else is in there and does anything indicate a new series is in the works?  This time out, not that much.  Shazam and the Metal Men being the odd things […]

Tell Thomas Jane about your favorite comics covers

Actor Thomas Jane is a nerdlebrity we give a pass to because he’s definitely a real comics fan, and gets choked up talking about Jack Kirby and was pals with Dave Stevens and so on. His Raw Studios production company (which is co-owned by Tim Bradstreet)has just partnered with Comixology for digital release of Raw’s comics, and to promote it he’s doing a pretty cool thing on twitter.