Suit Up with New Superhero Range of Custom Menswear from Indochino

It’s time for comic-book fans to clean up their act and start dressing more appropriately, don’t you think? Indochino have today kicked off what will hopefully be a new wave of classy fashions for superhero fans, so we can finally throw away our old ‘Tony Stark Was Right’ shirts.

ComiCON-versation #8: Programming the comicon experience.

San Diego Comic Con is arguably the mecca of all comicons. It features the most robust programming schedule that any comicon can create. Comics, movies, kids, television, games, books and much, much more pack every minute of its crowded programming grid. It’s what many, if not most of the comicon attendees look forward to each year. Attendees plan their schedules to the minute to make sure they get a chance to get a seat at their favorite panels. Some will go so far as to camp out in a panel room from early in the day, moving up as each panel lets out to ensure they have the best seat they can possibly get.

Obviously this is the extreme case when it comes to comicon programming. The likelihood of having a programming schedule as massive as SDCC’s is slim to none. Even New York Comic Con, one of the largest shows in North America after SDCC, doesn’t feature a programming grid as vast. So what does this mean for your own comicon programming schedule? Probably, it means very little when it comes down to the details and content; however, overall it there are certainly some things you can look at and put to good use at your own show.

The Marvel Frequency and Pricing Scorecard

As you may have noticed, Marvel’s been releasing two issues of several titles each month. It’s not always the same titles each month. Marvel also might not be as into $3.99 titles as you might expect. I took a look at the solicitations for July-through September, looked at the core Marvel titles (Marvel’s equivalent of the “New 52,” if you will). No mini’s. No Max. No Ultimates. No “.1″ specials. This is what I found:

New Bane-centric DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer from Nokia

For the full effect you’ll want to go right to the site, but this trailer has a lot of dark Bane vs Batman footage and less Catwoman.

Any chance this movie will top AVENGERS? Probably not. But it should easily vanquish Spider-Man for #2 comic book movie of the year.

Murder in the comics in new Max Allan Collins novel

Novelist Max Allan Collins is no stranger to the comics, with his ROAD TO PERDITION graphic novel being turned into an actual prestige movie, and his long-running Ms. Tree comic. His new novel is actually set in the world of comics with a comics section by long-time collaborator Terry Beatty.

America is watching fewer movies but buying lots more ebooks

Two recent surveys reveal seismic changes in how the consumption of books and movies—once the massest of mass media—is changing.

Nice art: Paul Gulacy and Charles Yoakum storyboard Toby Keith

Charles Yoakum has posted some storyboards by himself and Paul Gulacy for an animation featuring country singer Toby Keith.

Robert Washington's words from the grave: "Have a backup plan."

Just before his death a few days ago, former comics writer Robert L. Washington III gave an interview to CBR that makes for very sobering reading.

Nice art: Steve McNiven's drug cartel illustrations

“A Tijuana farmer known as the Stewmaker and allied with a Sinaloa subsidiary disposed of his victims’ bodies in vats of lye.”

New York Comic Con: no more on-site press reg

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while everyone is loin girding for The Big One in a few weeks, New York Comic Con, the other Big One, is also gearing up, and like San Diego Comic-Con, they are beginning to tighten things up. Press registration has just opened, but it’s a far more arduous process than before and NO on-site registration this year.