Some Comic-Con founders reunite to put on Comic Fest

You know how you’re always reading about how great the first Comic-Con in San Diego was with everyone sitting around the pool at the El Cortez while throwing rubber duckies at Jack Kirby and Ray Bradbury? Well some of the surviving founders of SDCC have gotten together to put on an old-timey show called The San Diego Comic Fest, to be held October 19-21 at the San Diego Town & Country Resort and Convention Center. The guest list consists of some people who were actually at the first cons in the ’70s, including George Clayton Johnson, Jackie Estrada, Mark Evanier, Murphy Anderson, Ron Turner, and Tim Powers.

The Oatmeal Lawsuit Part II — Let's Sue the American Cancer Society

Last week, we told you about the webcomic, The Oatmeal getting sued for defamation and The Oatmeal’s hilarious response. I was also wondering what the response of the lawyer filing the suit was going to be. He’s suing the American Cancer Society and the National Wildlife Foundation. Oh, yes. This just got even stranger and it’s making some waves in legal circles.

Alan Moore created Harold Potter long before he turned him into the Antichrist

Okay, so as the world has just noticed, in LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: Century 2009 we finally see Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil’s multiverse spanning pop culture adventure reach the current day (or close to it) and since the current day isn’t in the public domain, there’s good old-fashioned satire in the tradition of about 8000 previous books. The Independent’s Laura Sneddon has the lowdown:

Midtown Comics hosts two weddings for Astonishing X-Men #51

The occasion of ASTONISHING X-MEN’s same-sex wedding has also seen several parties and receptions at various comics shops across the nation, including Zeus Comics, which held a bachelor party last week. But Midtown Comics is going all the way by hosting two actual same sex weddings this Wednesday, with a reception taking place at the Eventi Hotel. Two couples—Scott Everhart and Jason Welker, and Khris Wilson and Chris Orme—will be tying the knot. Both events are private but people are being encouraged to take photos outside, as the shop will be opening late due to the nuptials.