Avengers Stabilizes A Bit, Prometheus Tumbles at the Box Office

What if they released Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler Movies, but nobody cared? That’s pretty much what happened this weekend. In what’s turning out to be a real Geek Chic summer, the top 10 this week was 4 SF/F films and a cartoon at #1.

Smell Like James Bond

I’m sure you’ve seen heard of celebrities having perfumes before.  Paris Hilton has one.  As Does Kim Kardashian.  There’s also the category of celebrity driven “fragrance for men.”  Entrants in this category include Justin Beiber, Tim McGraw and Usher.  Add to this list… James Bond?!?  Yes, there’s a “the making of” teaser video for the James Bond Fragrance for Men:

Father's Day 2012

The Beat salutes the secret superheroes, fathers!