Sales Charts: Barnes & Noble Graphic Novel Bestsellers: June 2012

Once again, I peruse the Barnes & Noble website, taking a look at what is selling.

There are quite a few surprises this month, including some kids books!

The Kindle app updates to carry comics and kids books — and DC is there

Today’s Kindle app update for both iOS and Android has received little notice inside the comics world, but it now includes comics and children’s books.

Spoiler! Batman makes his Smallville Debut

Bryan Q. Miller’s comic-book continuation of the Smallville series brings a few familiar people face-to-face with Tom Welling

"Once creator ownership was on the table, the moviable properties were largely works that creators maintained ownership of."

Nat Gertler has made a chart, and even though his name is not Clarissa, it might just explain it all for you.

Valiant's First Crossover: Ninjak Debuts in X-O Manowar

It seems Valiant was being a little sneaky and pulling a misdirection when they released that Ninjak teaser image. Turns out, Ninjak is actually making his debut in X-O Manowar #5. Is this Valiant’s first crossover? Maybe. But nothing’s yet been indicated the story will be continued in Ninjak #1. For that matter, Ninjak #1 hasn’t been announced yet. It probably isn’t too far off, though. If this doesn’t cross into a Ninjak series, it would just be what they call a backdoor pilot in the TV business and Ninjak would spin off into his own series.

The day in superhero crotch architecture Part II: Spidey's piddle problem

Wow, two crotchgates in one day. It seems that Andrew Garfield, who will appear as Spider-Man in the new film which opens on July 3rd, had to learn the hard way that superhero costumes aren’t that practical in real life. It turns out that obliging certain natural functions was not that easy in his Spidey suit.

Tolja! Fewer movies at Comic-Con as TV moves into Hall H

With only a few weeks until this year’s Comic-Con extravaganza, the big studios are rolling out their panel plans, and as we suspected, film studios are not going in pedal to the metal this year. Variety reports that Paramount, Fox and Relativity are definitely sitting things out, while Universal is iffy. Disney/Marvel sat out last year—they went to their own purpose built D23 show instead—but will be back. (Perhaps to announce the mystery 2014 movie?) WB is also expected to attend with Superman and (we pray) THE HOBBIT. Elsewhere, it’s all a little sketchy:

Fascinating photos of DC in 1979

Lettering king Todd Klein has a couple of great blog posts showing a series of photos by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez in 1979 on a visit to DC’s offices. Klein’s memory is prodigious and it’s a great look at everything from obsolete technology to the prevalence of sweater vests in the late 70s to a different way of working:

What's behind the new movie Superman's giant…personality?

We were all pretty excited when the first set photos of Henry Cavill as Superman leaked out. It seemed that after years of binding and CGI smoothing, Superman was finally getting super where it counted.