Marvel is having a circus with Cirque du Soleil comic

Speak of the devil! Only hours ago we were making jokes about Chris Ware joining the Cirque du Soleil and now there is nows of an actual Cirque du Soleil comic!

Sadly it is not from Ware—we can just imagine his version of Limber 12-year-old Chinese Acrobats Stories—instead, it’s from Marvel, in a custom comic that ties in with the Vegas spectacle Kà which you will be able to get at this year’s Comic-Con.

Dynamite Has Their Own "Before Watchmen" Event — DC Didn't Buy _All_ The Charlton Characters

By Todd Allen

–I learned something new today. Remember how Watchmen started out as a treatment for the Charlton characters DC had purchased? Come to find out out, DC didn’t purchase the rights to all the Charlton characters and Dynamite now has the rights to Peter Cannon/Thunderbolt. As in, the prototype for Watchmen’s Ozymandias.