Fantagraphics to publish Chuck Forsman

One of the most watched cartoonists to graduate from CCS, Chuck Forsman’s work has been mostly available only in small mini-comics editions. But that’s changing, as Fantagraphics will reissue THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD in book form and then publish a NEW graphic novel, CELEBRATED SUMMER, in 2013. Exciting!

The Oatmeal's $118K+ Crowdfunded Response To a Lawyer Letter

The Oatmeal is a well known webcomic that crosses over into mainstream coverage with some regularity. And that’s happened again. The short version is: some time ago, The Oatmeal had a dust up with a website called “FunnyJunk” over a bunch of The Oatmeals comics having been appearing on that site without authorization. Roughly a year later, FunnyJunk has sent a letter from a lawyer wanting $20K for defamation to avoid a lawsuit. Suffice it to say, The Oatmeal is a bit incredulous.

Haspiel asks "Where Have All The New Ideas Gone?"

Continuing the thread of inquiry that has been going on here at The Beat of late, Dean Haspiel has a nifty little slideshow for you.

Help wanted: TFAW seeks the World's Best Comic Shop Manager

Thing From Another World, the pop culture chain store, is seeking a manager for their Portland, OR store. And yes, there WILL be a written exam. Details below:

Let’s All Gawp at Cyclops in a Thong

If you click the link, you will get to see Cyclops wearing a thong.

The Internet Attempts to Comprehend Catwoman's Newest Look

The cover for September’s issue of Catwoman is…..