Indies Sales Month-to-Month – April 2012

A fantastic launch for Dynamite’s Shadow relaunch snags them the number one spot for indie books this month, while Walking Dead just pips Saga to the second spot, by less than 50 copies. A little further down Fanboys vs Zombies, Star Wars Boba Fett is Dead and America’s Got Powers get off to very strong starts.


We had a very interesting comments section last month, with Ed Brubaker and Brian Wood amongst others commenting that the figures reported here are quite far below what the actual sales are. The general consensus seems to be that actual sales are at least 10-20% higher than reported, which makes sense when you account for reorders and foreign sales. I considered adding a percentage to the figures here, but I think that’s likely to make these already estimated figures utterly meaningless, so I’ll stick with the ICv2 figures for the moment. However, if a creator or publisher would like to contribute completed figures, I’m happy to consider including them, as I’m doing with Fatale #1 this month.

Next DC Cancellation Announced: Exit Captain Atom

There’s some debate, at least in the comment sections, on whether or not DC is going to cut 4 books after announcing 4 new ones and keep their line at “The New 52.” It looks like there will be at least 2 cuts. Captain Atom has joined Justice League International in the comic book afterlife.