German Comics: Internationaler Comics Salon Erlangen 2012

Angoulême. San Diego. Tokyo. Barcelona. New York. Erlangen? A comics show… in Germany? In a small city most people haven’t heard of? Held every other year since 1984? It can’t be worthy of a post, can it? Ah… read on and discover!

Avengers Starts the Slide Down, #5 This Weekend At Box Office

As the summer’s family fare starts to roll out and another SF/F franchise rolls out, Avengers starts the real slide down the box office fire pole. This week, Avengers sank all the way down to #5 for U.S. box office.

German Comics: Max und Moritz Preis 2012

Every two years, the Max und Moritz Preis Gala takes place at the International Comics Salon in Erlangen, Germany. Who won? Who was nominated? And what was Marc-Oliver Frisch’s involvement?

Valiant Launch Part II: Reviewing Harbinger #1

Last month, Valiant had a pretty successful start, with X-O Manowar selling out 45K copies and going into a 2nd printing. This week, the second Valiant title dropped, in the form of Harbingers #1. Let’s have a look at it.