DC Candidates For Cancellation (i.e. Trimming to 52)

Dan DiDio has frequently said that he wants to keep shaking up the “New 52.” Cancel books that aren’t working/selling. Add new ones. Keep the number of “New 52” titles at 52. If Dan hasn’t changed his mind on that, announcing four new titles means four current titles have to go. We already know about Justice League International going away? Which books might be going away?

Will Eisner Graphic Novel Prize for Libraries to debut at ALA Convention in Anaheim

We all know (or should know!) how important Will Eisner was to the comics artform. Something an increasing number of people know is how important libraries are to getting more and more people to read comics and graphic novels.

So it makes sense that a Graphic Novel Prize for Libraries would be named for Eisner.

Comics sales up 40% over last year for May 2012

Diamond has released their preliminary information on May’s sales charts, and Marvel is back in units and dollars—both hard won victories—while AVX topped the singles chart and the New 52 trades topped the books charts quite handily.

Comics sales are up 40% from May 2011 —so if you want to know if the New 52 was a sales success, there’s you answer right there.