Actual first trailer for THE MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD sequel

French speakers will enjoy this the most, but for Mysterious Cities of Gold fans—and we know there are a lot of you—the impact of this trailer will be a bit like seeing THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK for the first time…only 25 years later instead of 3. It’s all there: Kukapetl, Mendoza, the Golden Bird airship, the theme song…and the promise of many, many more civilizations to be destroyed by our trio of young heroes.

Back from bookland!

We’re done at BEA and BlogWorld and so on, and getting back up to speed on posting. Huge thanks to Torsten, Todd, Vanguard Steve, and Jessica for keeping the show running while we were away from the computer. We’ll have more BEA thoughts tomorrow but in the meantime, not to make anyone jealous or anything, but here’s the promo item of the show…and maybe the year, a travel themed giveaway for Lemony Snicket’s new series, “ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS”, which has art by Seth…everything from a pen with an octopus to a bar of soap. The first book will have a 1 million copy laydown October 23rd.

Archie CEO battle ends…but will there be a sequel

As reported by the AP yesterday, the ugly legal battle between Archie Comics’s two co-ceo’s has ended with a sealed settlement. As you’ll recall, Jon Goldwater and Nancy Silberkleit had been engaged in a weird battle that involved restraining orders, enforcers and penises. But…it’s all legally mandated smiles now after a mediator got the two to work things out: