News notes from the BEA, Day 1

Only a few minutes to post a few tidbits…as usual, compared to even a few years ago, everyone in the book biz knows what graphic novels are, and even if they aren’t publishing them outright, nearly everyone has a book that’s “sort of” like a GN with words and pictures.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: April 2012

The crossover season is now firmly underway, with the first proper month of AVENGERS VS X-MEN, and its assorted tie-ins, which are doing pretty well. There’s also the Omega Effect crossover between AVENGING SPIDER-MAN, DAREDEVIL and PUNISHER, all of which see big gains as a result. Further down the chart, Mark Millar launches another creator-owned book, SECRET SERVICE, through the Icon imprint; and the all-ages titles get another relaunch.

As you might expect, April was a good month for Marvel in terms of their market share. They led DC by 39% to 34% in units, and 35% to 30% in dollars.

Thanks as always to for permission to use these figures.

Breaking news: Cartoonist finds way to make money!

Ruben Bolling, aka Ken Fisher, is much loved in most quarters for Tom the Dancing Bug, his long running, surgical strike weekly political comic. Of course, the field for weekly political comics is not exactly busting at the seams with dough. So recently Bolling came up with a new idea, called The Inner Hive which would offer a subscription model for goodies to readers:

WizWorld Philly: Nerdlebrity summit

Although Box Brown had a middling time at the past weekend’s Wizard World Philadelphia, by all accounts the media events—like appearances by Chris Hemsworth and Stan Lee and various Starfleet captains, went very well. This first time ever meeting of the five Star Trek captains—William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula— was commemorated with a photo.