How much did The New 52 really help sales? These charts may hold the answer.

Man the barricades! Release the militia! Marc-Oliver Frisch, the controversial number cruncher for DC comics, has taken a detailed look at DC periodical sales for the last 110 months. And he’s armed with numerous charts and graphs, such as the above showing average monthly sales for DC and it’s imprints going back to 2003. His takeaway? As you might have guessed, that the New 52 sales surge has resulted in only a modest increase in monthly sales.

Comic Book Ink in Tacoma to close

The gloomy economy has claimed another victim as Comic Book Ink, a 10-year-old shop outside Tacoma, has announced it is closing. Only last year, the store was in trouble and stayed afloat with help from a benefit campaign. However, this time, owner John Munn has chosen not to look for help. Here’s an emotional letter Munn sent out:

Finally…Publishers Weekly publishes BookScan graphic novel bestseller lists with actual numbers

Gentleman, start your crunchers!

It’s a big change at Publishers Weekly this week, as they initiate a new way of running the bestsellers lists. As Sr. Editor Digital Media Jonathan Segura explains:

Marvel Will Pay You To Try Digital Comics

Marvel wants you to try their digital comics so badly, they’ll even pay you to do so. Their current deal is buy a Spider-Man digital comic and they’ll mail you a $5 coupon for some print comics. There are a couple catches to this, but Marvel’s offering you a free comic if you play your cards right.

SDCC 2012 : Diamond Select Exclusives

Our friends at Idle Hands
have posted Diamond Select’s SDCC exclusives.

Yes, we’re on a rolling avalanche that will end in about six weeks. All of these are available from Diamond Comic Distributors (Booth #2401) and Diamond Select Toys (#2607).

Sh*t people say at conventions

Julia Wertz rounds up some good ones.

To Do This Tuesday: CBLDF Book Expo Party with Chip Kidd

Book Expo America is this week, so if you’re finding yourself in NYC, now’s your chance to take part in meeting CHIP KIDD and get your hands on a limited edition copy of his new book, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN.

Kibbles 'n' Bits: Best, Worst, Before

A selection of good news, bad news, and nice art from the weekend.

On the Scene: Wizard World Philly: The Pinnacle of General Nerd Capitalism

Retrofit Comics’ Box Brown went to Wizard World Philadelphia for a day and here is what he saw and did.