Lost and Found: Busiek's Corporate Take on Dracula

One of the nice things about being around a large library system is being able to take a flier on a graphic novel you might not otherwise pick up. Not too long ago, I happened up Vol. 1-3 of Dracula: The Company of Monsters on the shelf and figured “it’s Kurt Busiek… how bad could it be?” I picked up the first volume and ended up going back the next day for the rest of the set.

Preview: THE FURRY TRAP by Josh Simmons

Perfectly blending elements of horror and childish innocence, Josh Simmons’s collection of stories marks a comic storytelling that is just as frightfully unsettling as it is an eye-grabbing read. Don’t be fooled by the bright coloring and imaginative settings; this one ain’t for the kiddies.

To-do: Comics Portfolio Reviews On The Road

Like any good cartoonist and comics evangelist, a road trip cannot just be days of blasting Mates of State and stopping at roadside attractions like Corn Palace. No, no, on my trip from The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT to Fantagraphics in Seattle, WA will be punctuated by a few stops to conduct portfolio reviews and drop off some Schulz Library tote bags at great comic book stores across America.