Explaining Who the Gay Green Lantern Is To Your Non-Comics-Reading Friends

It’s big news that Green Lantern is now gay, but there appears to be a little (a lot?) of confusion in the general public over which Green Lantern is gay. For that matter, there seems to be some confusion in the general public over how many Green Lanterns there are. You might be getting questions about this from your friends who don’t read comics and you may find this is a little more complicated to explain than you’d first thought. Don’t worry, I’m here for you. This is what you need to explain (or just point them here).

Final volume of BIZENGHAST to come out after all

As we’ve been noting, of late the ashes of Tokyopop have been stirring, and several volumes that were thought lost are actually coming out in one shape or another. BIZENGHAST #8 by M. Alice “Marty” LeGrow is the latest book to find a new life as a print-to-order book via The Right Stuf and digitally through Graphicly. BIZENGHAST was one of the most successful of all Tokyopop’s homegrown manga (as making it to volume 8 would indicate) and it’s been spun off into an art book, coloring book, novelization, animated shorts, merchandise, and a tabletop role-playing game, according to ICv2.

Coolest thing of the day: superheroes in historical photos

Indonesian pro photographer Agan Harahap has taken his love of history and superheroes to make this Flickr set of superheroes looming in various historical moments.

You’ll want to check out all of them because they are incredibly evocative. Above V herds surrendering Germans on June 9, 1944, in the wake of D-Day. Below, Darth Vader helps out at the signing of the Yalta Pact, where Churchill and Roosevelt would sign over Eastern Europe to Stalin.