Iron Man 3 to allegedly feature Extremis, Mandarin, Iron Patriot; probably Venom at this rate

News is racing in for the next installment in the Iron Man franchise, although no confirmation quite yet about whether The Unicorn will appear.

Preview: No Man’s Land by Blexbolex

London-based Nobrow reveals their June release: NO MAN’S LAND, a breathtaking visual journey into the inner psyche of one man.

Potential changes at Diamond Digital with layoffs

It’s been reported that Diamond has laid off three technical staffers: “Dave Bowen (Director of Digital Distribution), Jeff Dillon (Web Development Manager), and Lev Schneider (Programmer).” Bowen’s presence on that report, raised the question of what’s up with Diamond Digital, so I asked iVerse’s Michael Murphy, since iVerse is the engine Diamond Digital runs on.

Weird medical comics are back with HARVEST

We’ve always had a soft spot for weird medical comics, from the plentiful manga genre —Tezuka’s Black Jack and Akihito’s The Ray—to Seifert and Ketner’s Witch Doctor. And this seems to fit right in.

The Situation comic is "fully charged and ready to go."

Because there were not enough well-muscled guys in comic books, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is getting his own comic book, to be published by Wizard World and MPS Entertainment. The cover for the book—which will be released at Wizard World Chicago—has just been revealed and it’s by Greg Horn. The interiors have been fashioned by Paul Jenkins, Talent Caldwell, and Paul Mounts.

Which US convention center is biggest?

While contemplating yesterday’s story about how the dinky, hated Javits Center is in danger of being razed, we got to wondering just what are the biggest convention centers in the U.S.? Finding this information isn’t that easy Google-wise. However, we found the information buried in Wikipedia:

Is Disney Publishing chaos leaving an Ike-shaped hole?

It’s been a while since we checked in on Disney Publishing and their impending move. Since then a lot has happened. As we recall from our own time at Disney, they have an entire department that does nothing but move people around, and this switch sounds like it was put in place just to give them something to do. Basically, as reported by Publishers Weekly, Disney is swapping its East and West Coast publishing houses, moving 100 people from White Plains and the NY office to Glendale, and 50 Disney Press people back to New York. Wha–? The moves will roll out from now until September 30th.

Dave Sim takes to Kickstarter for CEREBUS a/v something

Notorious typewriter and fax guy Dave Sim is taking advantage of the internet’s crowdfunding abilities to run a Kickstarter to reprint High Society, one of the best story lines from CEREBUS. The project met its $6000 goal within hours of starting.

In case you are coming in fresh, Sim is the author of one of the great feats of the indie comics age: his 300-issue run on CEREBUS, a genre-defying melange of slapstick, fantasy and social commentary. The more the book had of the first two, the better it was; the more of the latter and…well…best not discussed.