New York Comic Con stuff: NYAF merges; Javits Center endangered

A few notes about this fall’s New York Comic Con. ReedPOP has made official what everyone took for granted: the New York Anime Festival will officially fold into NYCC. Launched as a separate event just before the manga/anime implosion began, the event was soon co-located with NYCC while keeping a separate identity. This year, the programming and guests list—which are pretty extensive and popular among the fan community—will stay the same but the event itself will be part of NYCC.

How helping the Jack Kirby Museum could be the best response

Creator/publisher Zak Sally weighs in on the Kirby Matter, and the actions he suggests are more proactive:

actually, over the course of writing this, i think i DO have an answer– not THE answer, but an idea anyway: it’s somewhat presumptive on my part, and it is NOT what “should” happen, but it falls under the category of “the least you could do”.

Haspiel on "Goodbye, impulse buy"

This isn’t anything we haven’t covered here before, but here’s another take on the end of impulse shopping for comics, this time via Dean Haspiel. Haspiel covers the problem of shops that only order for pull lists, and suggests that there may be a substitute for impulse buying in webcomics. Linking to it also give us a chance to show this cute picture of Haspiel meeting Wallace and Gromit.

"Mysterious Cities of Gold" cartoon sequel is actually happening

This will only excite about three dozen people, but those three dozen souls will be stricken mute with wonder and paralyzed by glee. Twenty-five years later, there is actually going to be a sequel to Mysterious Cities of Gold, the 39-episode cartoon that debuted in 1982 as a US-Franco-Japanese co-production. Using Japanese animators and DIC and Studio Pierrot writers and talent, I guess you could say this was a forebear of the current “world style” of comics and animation.

Not Comics but spectacular: 1982 BLADE RUNNER featurette

Somehow unearthed, a 1982 convention reel from BLADE RUNNER, with young designer Syd Mead and director Ridley Scottexplaining how their invented world works, and bits of action from deleted scenes. DAMN. The bad state of the color suggest that this was sitting on a shelf somewhere for a looooong time. But no matter how bad the transfer, the candid scenes of the Blade Runner world—all set to a stylish ’70s type porno score—are priceless.

2012 NCS Award Winners; Tom Richmond nabs the Reuben

The 2012 ‘Reuben’ awards were given out by the NCS (National Cartoonists Society) on Saturday night, although only one is actually called the Reuben. The full list of winners is here, but Tom Richmond, best known for his work on MAD Magazine won the top spot, otherwise known as THE REUBEN AWARD for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. Richmond is a fairly prolific blogger, and has already recorded his initial thoughts: