The Wall Street Journal's Comic Book Smack Down

In theory, it was supposed to be a review of “Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics” by Christopher Irving and Seth Kushner. While Tim Marchman does reference the book a few times in his review of the book for the Wall Street Journal, it’s really more of a rant about the failure of the mainstream direct market to capitalize on the popularity of comic book movies. With the fervor you normally expect from a theater critic, Marchman proceeds to rip all sorts of people a new one. And, on the side of restraint, he does stop just short of calling the community inbred.

Avengers Closing In on #3 Film All-Time

Even with Men In Black III (technically, another Marvel movie since Marvel acquired Malibu) taking over the top spot, Avengers is holding up very well with 4-day weekend haul estimated at $46,878,000. It only lost 331 theaters and it’s still rolling along.