Digital Exclusives — The Direct Market All Over Again… But Only For Single Issues

In recent weeks, we’ve been seeing the exclusivity monster poke it’s head up on the digital platform. Marvel’s exclusive with Comixology. Valiant is exclusive with Comixology. DC might as well be exclusive with Comixology. But, for the most part, there appears to be a catch: the digital exclusives seem to be just for the monthly editions. Single issues if you prefer.

Comic Book People: THE VARIANTS web series shows comics shops in a different light

We’ve all had some fun picking apart COMIC BOOK MEN, the kinda incredible show that purports to show life in a comic book store; along the way a few people have suggested checking out THE VARIANTS, a web series produced by Zeus Comics in Dallas. When we say “produced” we mean it’s set in the store, and is written by and stars the people who run the store. We’re not huge YouTube viewers, so we always put off checking it out . But finally having a few moments to check out a couple of episodes, we can now say that while fictional (we hope) it is definitely much more accurate than COMIC BOOK MEN. In fact it’s pretty damned funny.

San Diego Comic-Con preview: TR!CKSTER 2012 is coming at ya!

Anyone who was at last year’s San Diego on the comics side probably remembers Tr!ckster as a highlight — founded by cartoonist/animator Scott Morse and his friends as a comics-centric place to hang out, it featured books for sale, parties, concerts and an awesome spot right across the railroad tracks from the convention center where people could watch the madness and sit on the grass while drinking a glass of rose.

Well, the venue is new this year (rumor has it a nasty old Hollywood studio stole the old spot) but it looks to be just as awesome :

Future Comics: Brandon Generator: a good step in the right direction for interactive storytelling

by Serhend Sirkecioglu

My common complaint with the current wave of interactive/digital comics is the lack of ingenuity, risk, and execution, which fall into three camps. The first is the artist-centric camp where the person who made the comic is a competent cartoonist but has no knowledge of programming and is unconscious of interactivity, so the function feels gimmicky and not worth my time. The second is the program-centric, where the design is strong but the story is not much of a looker or read, and can feel more like a proof of concept than a whole-hearted piece. Finally, the third camp is the ones that peter out because the time and energy put into it outweighs the pay off, leading to burnout and an unfinished story.

Studio Coffee Run 5/25/12: Kickass 2 news, Mythomania Season 2 gets a Kickstarter, Game of Thrones, etc.

Some holiday weekend tidbits, including Game of Thrones, Derek Kirk Kim’s Mythomania looks to Kickstarter to fund it’s 2nd season, a first look at The Walking Dead’s Michonne, along with a whole lotta Kickass 2 news.