Must Read: Can you make a living creating manga in North America?

That’s the question Russo-Canadian cartoonist Svetlana Chmakova—by any standards one of the most successful North Ameircan manga creators—posed to a bunch of us at breakfast during TCAF. And Deb Aoki has responded with a comprehensive five-part series examining the question. Four parts are up thus far. Aoki starts with examining the reasons why manga by non-Japanese creators—whether you call it OEL or Global Manga or Bruce—has a hard time in the market, listing nine reasons. Among them:

Do DC's solicitations out the LGBT superhero?

Everyone does seem to be all hot and bothered about DC’s gay superhero announcement. The really odd thing about all the hubbub is it really doesn’t seem to have been planned out ahead of time… and as such, the June solicitations show perhaps a slightly different picture than all the buzz. Let’s look at the actual timeline for all this: