To Do Friday: International Towel Day

Do you know where your towel is? Friday is the day to show everyone what a hoopy frood you are!

Jim Starlin on Avengers Film Compensation (Or Lack Thereof)

If you’ve seen the Avengers, you understand what the headline is about. If not… turn back for a spoiler will follow.

So you speak Japanese? Manga editor sought

Random House is hiring a manga editor to work in their Kodansha imprint/joint venture. It’s a pretty senior position for the right person who knows manga and speaks Japanese. Here’s the scoop:

Must Read: Can you make a living creating manga in North America?

That’s the question Russo-Canadian cartoonist Svetlana Chmakova—by any standards one of the most successful North Ameircan manga creators—posed to a bunch of us at breakfast during TCAF. And Deb Aoki has responded with a comprehensive five-part series examining the question. Four parts are up thus far. Aoki starts with examining the reasons why manga by non-Japanese creators—whether you call it OEL or Global Manga or Bruce—has a hard time in the market, listing nine reasons. Among them:

Okay, now WB is getting in on the gay superhero PR action

We know this post will anger comics industry journalists, but after Disney’s success getting PR for their gay-themed comic onThe View, it seems Turner/WB is getting in on the synergy action too. We just received a tip from a Turner PR person for this story on the HLN (Headline News) site.

Bill Willingham hints at 'FablesCon'

The creator of Fables and Fairest has started hinting that next March will see a new convention appear on the horizon, focusing on the characters and world of his fan-favourite series.

ComiCON-versation #6: Let's decorate…

by Mike Scigliano

— One of the biggest elements in the production of a comicon that attendees will never see is the show decorator. Once you are locked into doing your comicon you’ll absolutely need to have one. And they aren’t cheap either.

Before we get to deep into this let me explain what a decorator does.

Nice, er, Historical art: Indie Cover Spotlight

Dara Naraghi has been running a features on his blog called Indie Cover Spotlight where he goes through his longboxes and pulls out the amazing, unlikely, and just plain forgotten indie comics of yore, say, like this cover of something called STAR RANGERS by Dave Dorman, a loving tribute to Fredric Wertham.

Do DC's solicitations out the LGBT superhero?

Everyone does seem to be all hot and bothered about DC’s gay superhero announcement. The really odd thing about all the hubbub is it really doesn’t seem to have been planned out ahead of time… and as such, the June solicitations show perhaps a slightly different picture than all the buzz. Let’s look at the actual timeline for all this:

Support this Kickstarter to get inside tales of a publisher

Well here’s a new Kickstarter campaign for a comics memoir by former DC staffer Scott Young which promises some first-class lid ripping including the legendary comics scandal known as “Compgate”: