DC Announces Sandman Slipcase Edition

GAIMAN fans alert! If you’re looking to take your Sandman collection to the next level, lucky for you, an “all-ten-volumes-in-one-slipcase-edition” will be coming your way in November.

Con Report: The Complete Kapow Compendium

Lokis, Storm Dogs, Hepzibahs, Mark Millar, Publishers and Fans. Kapow Comic Convention 2012: what did we learn?

Cartoon alert: Primus's new "Lee Van Cleef" video

If there were a contest to see how many cool things you could squeeze into one element, this animated video featuring Primus, Lee Van Cleef and zombies, all animated by Greenpoints The Mixtape Club, would be hard to beat. All that it needs is appearances by Bruce Campbell and CM Punk to make it complete.

Marvel to announce landmark Astonishing X-Men #50 story on tomorrow's The View — UPDATED

It’s all coming together now, isn’t it? Marvel has just sent out the following advisory:

Tune into ABC at 11a/10a E/C tomorrow as the hosts of ABC’s The View exclusively reveal a major Marvel announcement! This is your first chance to get a look at the moment in Astonishing X-Men #50 that will have everyone talking!

Chris Ware's BUILDING STORIES to be boxed set of small volumes

Tweets and blog posts made it clear over the weekend, but Pantheon Books has spelled out what Chris Ware told attendees of the CPAP meeting in Chicago. BUILDING STORIES, his highly anticipated new book, will be a boxed set of small volumes. Or as tweeter Kathleen Dunley put it:

Rainy Monday empowerment: Gaiman and de Haven

Because it’s a horrible, rainy Monday, here’s some motivational speaking in the form of Neil Gaiman’s commencement address to the University of the Arts. And the text of Tom de Haven’s Commencement Address to the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Big hauls on Kickstarter no longer a rarity as Sullivan's Sluggers clears the bases

SULLIVAN’S SLUGGERS is only the latest comic to get funded on Kickstarter in a very substantial way.

So which DC character is turning gay?

As reported over the weekend, Dan DiDio told the Kapow! audience that, as part of the ongoing move towards diversity, an established DC character will be returning and changing sexual orientation.

It seems someone is switching teams…and we don’t mean going from the Justice League to the Justice Society.

Comics G-17 summit report from Chicago

Meanwhile, in Chicago it was the all-time greatest cartoonist confab, the Comics: Philosophy and Practice event, which was overshadowed a bit by the presence of a NATO summit in Chicago at the very same time—apparently traffic and security were taxing.

Christopher Borelli’s report is written contrasting the two summits, while noting the enormity of the attendees:

Comics Weekend around the world: Big Wow, Motor City, MeCaf, Kapow!

As Torsten pointed out this was National Comics Weekend. Here’s some of what folks saw and wrote:

James Bond Is Back: First Skyfall Trailer Drops

The summer movie season must be nearing full swing: we have a 007 sighting. “Skyfall” isn’t due out until the Fall, but the first trailer has already turned up: