DC With Another Round of Subscription Cuts And a New Online Store

You never know where the next round of cuts is going to come from. DC appears to have been cutting titles from their subscription program, not based on overall sales, but based on how many subscriptions they’re getting. Which is to say, while Aquaman, which has caused much head scratching over it’s omission from the subscription list while being a top 10 Diamond seller, may be more of a Direct Market title than a mainstream title.

New Golden Age Revival: Thun'da (As In Frank Frazetta)

Thun’da is a bit of an oddity from the tail end of the golden age (1952). On the surface, it’s a variation on the Tarzan mythos, with a bit of a cold war spin. It only ran for six issues. On the other hand, the first issue was one of legendary painter/illustrator Frank Frazetta’s comic projects. It also was tapped for a movie serial starring Buster Crabbe. According to comics.org, Gardner Fox was the scripter on the first issue, adding a little most historical flavor to it.

Arrow asks "How's my shooting?" with first video footage of new show

After a lot of misfires, the WB finally hit the target* with a pilot pick up in the form of ARROW, what they are now calling Green Arrow. We don’t know why the Green part was redacted because as you can see from the cast shot, they do wear green. Guess “**** Lantern is not a phrase that is remembered fondly beneath the water tower.

Marvel TV update: Hulk yes; Alias and Punisher no

The “Upfronts” have taken/are taking place somewhere in Hollywood and New York and although it sounds like a bra convention, what it really means is the networks are parading their new shows for 2012-13 in front of TV reporters. The big comics news was a greenlight for the Green Arrow TV show—minus the arrow—but Marvel stuff also has some motion.