Who Believes In You?

The anniversary of Jim Henson’s passing gets me thinking…

MUST READ: The Oral History of Countdown to Final Crisis

Or: how did we get here anyway? Chris Eckert does something we’re surprised more anal retentive fans internet researchers haven’t done, and collates Five Years Later: The Oral History of Countdown to Final Crisis using the plethora of internet interviews that flooded the comics internets in the innocent days of 2007. Although, as Eckert points out, a lot of material from that era has been removed, including most of Newsarama and The Pulse, to name but two. So what was Countdown?

Dark Horse announces more pre-Code anthologies

From the gory, lurid world of pre-Code comics….Dark Horse is putting together some kick-ass collections — in fact, you’ll soon be able to read the insides of all those comics that we post whenever we’re sick or late or whatever. ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN indeed.

Photo parade: the adorable foxes of Colleen Doran

Of course, they are still wild animals!

Interview: Regular Show creator JG Quintel on indie comics and cartoons

A chat with JG Quintel, creator of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show about British TV sensibility, the Leprechaun Movies, and why good indie comics artists can also make for good animators. Featuring a special guest appearance by Regular Show storyboarder and cartoonist, Benton Connor.

Kickstarter: The Graphic Textbook hits goal

With 46 hours to go, Reading With Pictures has reached their funding goal for The Graphic Novel Textbook! There’s still time left to pledge and get a great anthology of comics!

Smell like Hulk with Marvel's Official Avengers Perfume

Why not get that smell of burnt Watchmen toast out of your pores by indulging in some Avengers perfume?