MUST READ: The Oral History of Countdown to Final Crisis

Or: how did we get here anyway? Chris Eckert does something we’re surprised more anal retentive fans internet researchers haven’t done, and collates Five Years Later: The Oral History of Countdown to Final Crisis using the plethora of internet interviews that flooded the comics internets in the innocent days of 2007. Although, as Eckert points out, a lot of material from that era has been removed, including most of Newsarama and The Pulse, to name but two. So what was Countdown?

Interview: Regular Show creator JG Quintel on indie comics and cartoons

A chat with JG Quintel, creator of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show about British TV sensibility, the Leprechaun Movies, and why good indie comics artists can also make for good animators. Featuring a special guest appearance by Regular Show storyboarder and cartoonist, Benton Connor.