Classics Illustrated go digital from Trajectory

Classics Illustrated, the comics Cliff Notes series that has been around in various iterations for over 60 years, making the line a classic in and of itself—they’ve just gone digital with ebook publisher Trajectory. Over 120 titles will be launched from both iTunes and the iBook store, selling for $4.99 each. These look to be the ’50s original Classics Illustrated, celebrated in rhyme and song.

On the Scene: Long Beach Comic Expo 2012 – Ultimately Intimate

The sun was shining down on Long Beach on this particular Saturday in May. The cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean created a picture perfect day that reminds one of another particular week in July down in San Diego. Though somewhat unfortunate, we were all deep inside the Long Beach Convention center to enjoy the Long Beach Comic Expo.

For several years now, Long Beach has been invaded by Geeks twice a year – once in May for the one-day Expo and in October for the two-day Convention. The setting for this year’s Expo was more than intimate with a smaller room and somewhat smaller walk ways. That intimacy was a nice change from the craziness of the much larger conventions as were the opportunities to stop and chit-chat with Comic creators without being pushed and shoved.

From Skullkickers to Pathfinder, Zubkavich Starts a New Fantasy Title at Dynamite

Dynamite has landed a new comics license in Pathfinder. Pathfinder, if you’re not current on role-playing games, is a sort of spin-off of Dungeons & Dragons. Essentially, the D&D 3.5 rule set is available for licensing via a “Game System License” and Pathfinder jumps off from that point. Tor talks about Pathfinder as being like D&D “3.75” and an alternative to the latest rule revisions to the mother ship.