Avengers pre-shawarma rumble would cost $160 billion, untold woe

While THE AVENGERS has been hailed as a feel-good ball of action-comedy that kicks off the summer with smiles and cheers, in one regard it is a bit unsettling.

You see, it is yet another in a long, long line of movies that has trashed Manhattan real estate in a willy-nilly fashion. For about a hot minute after 9/11, destroying Manhattan in entertainment was considered crass—who needed fakery, when you had the real thing?—however, it soon came into vogue again as a symbol of the unsettled post 9/11 era.

Palmiotti and Gray Revamping Phantom Lady (and Doll Man) For DC

The Freedom Fighters don’t appear to have formed in the “New 52” DC universe yet, but darned if Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray aren’t hovering over the characters. Palmiotti & Gray wrote the pre-relaunch Freedom Fighters comics, the post-relaunch The Ray and now will be writing Phantom Lady. Not just Phantom Lady, either. Freedom Fighter alumni Dollman will also be part of what appears to be a fairly major reworking of the characters.

This weekend the Asbury Park Comic-Con kicks off

As we’ve been noting of late, the local comics scene has been blowing up—pretty much around the globe, from Dubai to Denver. And tomorrow Asbury Park gets its first comic-con, courtesy of organizer Cliff Galbriath, (left) aka frequent Beat commenter Citizen Cliff. Cliff sent along a fact sheet on the Asbury Park Comic Con and some photos of the venue, which is a cool retro bowling alley/club a few blocks from the Asbury Park Boardwalk and a bunch of fine restaurants and bars. Admission is a mere $5, with $1 going to the Hero Initiative. You can read all the deets in the PR below, but everyone we’ve spoken with has been psyched about going to this show; if we weren’t so conned out, we might be tempted by a birthright journey back to Jersey. We’re always especially charmed by seaside conventions like San Diego, MeCaf, Long Beach and now….Asbury Park.

ComiCON-versation #4: How do you pitch your show to exhibitors?

By now you’ve gone through all the hard work involved with the pre-production of your comicon. You have a venue and dates for your show. You’ve got a floor plan design that you feel happy about AND was approved by the fire marshal. The next step in the process is to begin to promote and pitch your show to potential exhibitors.

By “exhibitors,” I mean publishers, small press publishers, retailers, artist alley creators (artists, writers, inkers, colorists, painters, etc) and whoever else you feel might be a fit or want to exhibit at your comicon. For Long Beach Comic & Horror Con we place a specific emphasis on comics and their creators in our Artist Alley. That emphasis varies from comicon to comicon, of course, but for us it was a must.