The Expanded (International) Prometheus – Alien Influence Galore

On the off chance you’ve been living under a rock, Ridley Scott is directing a science fiction film called “Prometheus.” The official story is they started out to do a prequel to Alien and sometime in the pre-production process, the story grew into something different than Alien. There’s a new trailer out (and there is an element or two here that you might consider a plot spoiler, so be warned):

Waid's Webcomics Initiative (Thrillbent / Insufferable) Launches

Mark Waid’s been threatening to go digital for quite some time. He’s also had a history of exploring options outside of DC and Marvel. Waid spent some time at Crossgen, launched his creator-owned Empire with Barry Kitson over at Image under the tragically short-lived Gorilla imprint, did Hunter/Killer with Marc Silvestri for Top Cow and spent some time as E-I-C at BOOM!, where he launch a few books with Irredeemable as his flagship title. Now he’s finally combining those longstanding threats and his independent work with “Thrillbent.”