C2E2 2012: The Virgin Experience: Climax!

The Hero’s journey concludes, in unexpected ways. Will he return a changed man, for better, or for worse? Read on, for the thrilling conclusion!

And on that note….

We’re outta here.

MoCCA debuts and notable books

Better late than never! Please at least scroll through this (very incomplete) listing of new books out at MoCCA and just look at the pictures if nothing els.e There are some pretty amazing books coming out that haven’t gotten that much press, so I think it’s wroth your while.

ComiCON-versation #2: So when is your show?

by Mile Scigliano — There’s been so much made of locations and dates for shows in the last few years. For 2012 it’s been so crazy the fine folks at CCI had to move WonderCon to Anaheim from San Francisco400 PLUS miles away. Let’s look at what it takes to lock in a date for your show.

MoCCA Publishers: Who's Where

Just a brief guide to some publishers and creators and stuff to look out for!

Stumptown Party Poop

As we’ve been putting together the listings for this bi-coastal duel indie comics weekend extravaganza, it occurs to us that we are just not very plugged in to the Portland scene…well not the way we are NYC that’s for sure. So we’re doing our best to cover this, but maybe what we need is a PDX correspondent?

Anyhoo, Stumptown actually has a great events page with all the weekend goings on. So we’ll put post the pictures and links here. Send us reports!

Fans: make your opinions known with the new FanPan consumer input panel

The Bonfire Agency came on the scene a year ago with some great ideas for giving all levels of the comics industry more information; this month they are spotlighting one of the best, FanPan, a consumer input panel of 500 pop culture users and influencers. It’s free to join FanPan, but brands and products can then avail themselves of FanPan input to test how their products will be received by the highly vocal and internet-savvy early adopters.

Devil's Due is back…and working with Diamond

Well, things got a little more interesting. After a two-year hiatus, Devil’s Due publishing just announced they have returned—and they’ll be distributed by Damond which is a bit of a surprise because Devil’s Due had previously pulled out of Diamond with some hubbub. But you know, this is comics, and squabbles are rarely eternal.

MoCCA Party Poop: From Europe to Brooklyn

So many events for MoCCA this year! Rev up your MetroCard and get up on it. With a little cabfare here and there you can hit three or four of these!

Studio Coffee Run 4/27/12: South Park takes on Game of Thrones, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's The World's End, and more!

A whole lotta Game of Thrones news, a hilarious Samuel L. Jackson press clip for The Avengers, a tidbit about the latest offering from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, etcetera…

MoCCA programming note: Fanfare/Ponent Mon joins Indie publishing panel

Please note that our panel tomorrow at 1:15, “The State of Small Publishing”, will now include Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s Stephen Robson, in addition to Box Brown, Craig Yoe, and Secret Acres’ Barry Matthews. These fine gentlemen all have a lot to say and I’m as eager to hear their discussion as anyone!