Stumptown Party Poop

As we’ve been putting together the listings for this bi-coastal duel indie comics weekend extravaganza, it occurs to us that we are just not very plugged in to the Portland scene…well not the way we are NYC that’s for sure. So we’re doing our best to cover this, but maybe what we need is a PDX correspondent?

Anyhoo, Stumptown actually has a great events page with all the weekend goings on. So we’ll put post the pictures and links here. Send us reports!

Fans: make your opinions known with the new FanPan consumer input panel

The Bonfire Agency came on the scene a year ago with some great ideas for giving all levels of the comics industry more information; this month they are spotlighting one of the best, FanPan, a consumer input panel of 500 pop culture users and influencers. It’s free to join FanPan, but brands and products can then avail themselves of FanPan input to test how their products will be received by the highly vocal and internet-savvy early adopters.