Reprints in Review: Garbage Pail Kids Wreak Havoc in New Collection of Classic Card Art

by Casey Burchby

— One of the only fistfights I’ve ever been in was over Garbage Pail Kids – proof they were a dangerous influence, no? I was eight and a kid named Chad lived down the street. Chad was bad. His family was shady. Their house was overgrown; the lawn was a small parking lot. Chad was the kid I’d play with – maybe – if no one else was around. But Chad had had Garbage Pail Kids. So with some hesitation, I decided to do a little business with Chad. I had a card he was dying for. He promised me several cards in return for just that one. I jumped at the offer, which I knew was foolish. Little did I know Chad planned to welsh.

One man's quest to buy comics on Wednesday

I have to admit, at this point in my life, I’m not much of a floppy comics reader. I’ve been fishing SAGA and PROPHET out of my Image comps, and every two months or so I go to Hanleys in search of a missing back issue but…I’m not part of the Wednesday Crowd.

Which is why all the talk of pull lists and ordering and racing to get to the store go right over my head.

So it wasn’t until i read this piece by Todd Allen for PW that I finally understood.

Scott Ian, the Nerdist, and Fangoria will show you how to look horrible

For those who want to go all the way on looking ghastly, a newly announced show on The Nerdist YouTube channel should provide all the fashion tips you need. BLOOD AND GUTS will star Anthrax founder and horror expert Scott Ian on a gruesome journey as he learns the secrets of special FX makeup from masters such as Greg (The Walking Dead) Nicotero. The show is a joint venture between Nerdist and Fangoria, the venerable horror magazine.

The Sonic Screw Driver (Doctor Who) Is Now REAL

If you’ve watched Doctor Who at any point in the… last several decades, you’ll likely be acquainted with The Doctor’s favorite tool, the “sonic screwdriver,” which gets him out of all sorts of jams. Guess what? Scientists at Dundee University have finally gotten around to inventing the real thing.