C2E2012: Day Zero

Day Zero at C2E2, Part One!

Stunning revelations as DC shows off BEFORE WATCHMEN to retailers

DC is having a special focus group to show off a binder full of BEFORE WATCHMEN pages at the Diamond Retailer Summit.

REVEALED! The identity of the "Sh*t My New Yorker Cartoons" blogger

For the last few weeks an anonymous (but knowledgable) blogger has been picking apart each week’s New Yorker cartoons for their humor and artwork content at the tumblr Sh*t My New Yorker. Delivering insightful analyses of punchlines and surprise, the identity of the blogger was much speculated upon in certain circles.

Well, the blogger stands revealed:

Lynda Barry gets critical study from University Press of Mississippi

Lynda Barry: Girlhood through the Looking Glass is a new scholarly look at the esteemed cartoonist’s work, especially as it related to girlhood. Written by Susan E. Kirtley, the book is available now.

With Barry’swork in a variety of mediums – comics novel sand stage — widely acclaimed, , a dedicated look at her work is long overdue. It’s part of UPM’s Great Comics Artists Series.

Wood upped to VP of Marketing at IDW

Dirk Wood has earned a promotion to VP of Marketing at IDW. That means we’ll be hearing his gravelly-voiced uttering for a long longer. Many congrats to Mr. Wood!

Comics sales up 7.3% in Q1; FCBD offerings up to 3.5 million from 2.7 million

Diamond released their comparative numbers for the first quarter vs last year, and it was all good. Total sales were up 7.3% in Q1 2012 vs Q1 2011, led by comics (up +14.8%) and graphic novels (+6%).

Live from the Diamond Retailer Summit

We’re on the scene here in Chicago for this year’s Diamond Retailer Summit and survived our biggest challenge, breakfast. No big surprises at the breakfast, but Diamond discussed sales being up for the quarter, a 1% rise in customers (i.e. new shops) and their new Halloween-themed event for retailers to build programs around. Also, as previously discussed at the ComicsPRO meeting, Oni will join the FOC (final order cut off) program, as more and more publishers are hitting their ship dates.

More later!

Studio Coffee Run 4/12/12: The Avengers, Looper, Thief of Thieves, etc.

Robert Kirkman’s latest Image comics series, Thief of Thieves, is now in development with AMC TV with Kirkman writing and executive producing and Chic Eglee as the showrunner. For now, the comics book series, which Kirkman conceived while working in The Walking Dead’s writer’s room, is being written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Shawn […]